Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thinking With The Mind

In life, we make many decisions through thinking.

Some affects our short term goals while some are long-termed.
Some are crucial to the extent that it involved many iterations to get to the correct or suitable conclusion.

How do you think?
Sounds funny, right?

No, I am not playing with you.

Some people think with hopes and wishes.
The wiser lot thinks with the mind!

If you hope for an outcome, you will hope forever.
If you wish for something to come true, it is equivalent to gambling.
It is putting your final outcome to chance.

Thinking with the mind does not involve taking pure chances or resting the decision or say onto others.

Thinking with the mind calls for proper co-ordination with actual proven facts, or dealing with calculated chance when facts are not available.

Do you think with emotion or does your emotion gets in the way of thinking?
We are human.
It is not wrong to sometime couples in emotion into thinking and decision making.

What is proper is that the outcome has to be rationally made based on facts and not visual illusion.
It will be good if you can know what you are driving at.

"Can it be realised?"
That's the question you have to constantly ask yourself along the way.
It checks your thinking against dreaming and hoping.

We dream alot as human. Tell me if you are not!

It is good to dream, but dreaming and thinking is totally different.
Dreaming allows us to aim for the future and maybe the currently impossible.
Thinking with the mind is to resolve or better a situation with facts and figures for a good future.

With this article, I hope I have gotten you thinking.
Or am I wish-thinking?

Any comments?


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dealing With Failures

Everyone do encounter failure one time or another. Facing it is dreadful. It hurts.

Do you run away from it?
Do you stay strong and face it head-on?

Yes, you may be strong and accept this failure. But what next?

Being able to face and accept failure is good, but is that the end?

Picking up from failure is the key issue, not just staying strong in the face of failure. 

Learning from the mistake made makes you a better person.
Being able to analyse the situation, and review the problem is enlightening to your future.
It makes you smarter.

It is the action taken after the failure that matters.
It is the standing up attitude after the fall that strengthens you.

Fear of failure is, thus, reduced if correct mental approach to it is practiced.

Understand that you cannot and surely cannot avoid making mistake.
Do not be shy.
Learn from sincere asking yourself whether you wish to hide from the fact or truth.

Keep learning and turn failure into a positive journey of self-improvement.

Happy learning.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fear of Failure

What is failure?
How do you view failure?

Failure is a frightening word anyone detest.
Yet it cannot be avoided.

Since we cannot avoid or prevent this from happening, we have to have the courage to face it when it comes along.

Having the courage requires a mindset change.

Does failure needs hopeless?
No. It means that the result did not meet the desired outcome.

Not meeting the targeted objectives does not mean all is lost.
The experience along the way is one good lesson we picked up.

Failure is just a deviation of the intended path.
There is nothing to fear other than the looks of the naives.

Avoid them, for they are the fearful lot.

Jumping into the unknown is a potential risk in meeting failure.
New experience and exposure will be encountered.
New outlook of a certain topic or area of interest will happen.

All this expand your knowledge.

Failure, hence, is a good starting point for you to review your procedures and technique in approaching a goal.

Face it with a positive attitude.
More is gained rather than lost.
Ironically it seems but true!

Fear not failure as it teaches.

Take up any challenge when it comes.
Avoiding it is a no-no strategy.
Avoiding it means you are reversing back to your original status. Status quo!

Do you want living life with no excitement and no new experience?
It is boring.

Think over it.
Think about failure.
Is it that dreadful?
What is the most you can lose? Access the siutation.

Self-improvement is important.
Pull yourself out of the well and look at the beautiful happenings around you.
Learn and face failure squarely.
Love it!

And life will be better.



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Character Matters?

Have you met people who are successful and rich?
Or people who are intellectually one up above you?

How is their character?
Do they give up easily?
Are they fighters?

Most of them, if you observe closely, stay true to their passion.
They do not give up as easily as others when they face obstacles.

They strike on. They read and find out answers.

Ultimately, everything boils down to character.

If you do strongly believe in yourself that you can make it, you will do whatever it takes.
This is character.

If you desire to be number one, and stay on to prepare and nurture with whatever material and resources you have, you have good self-improvement character.

It is the strength within yourself that pushes you on.
You eat humble pie to pursue knowledge.
This is not weakness but vision.

Clear vision comes from a determined character.
An inner voice within yourself calling for a meaningful life.

Hence do good not only to others but also to yourself.
Practice good behaviour and thought.
They will form into habits that will serve you into ripe age.

Therefore, aim for good character as it is the starting point for a better future.
:- D


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple Way To Gain Trust

Everyone look at each other everytime.

Some try to size you up when you are new to them.

Some may ignore you.

Even when they are your close friends or not-so-close friends, they still do monitor your behaviour and reaction to things and tasks.

What if you are assigned to lead them or mentor them?
Do they trust your ability?
Do they TRUST you?

I believe these are not new questions to you.

So how do you win their trust and get them to co-operate with you?

One simple way is to lead by example.
This, therefore, involves self-improvement.

When you are tasked to work on a project (for example) with a group of people, these team-mates of yours will scan you through thoroughly.
This is for sure!

Do not blame them as it is human nature.

To win their trust, and let them work with you, prove tothem that you can.
Prove to them that you are sincere in working out the role given to you.
Prove to them that you are able and can independently settle problems (within limits, of course).

When you are able to fulfill the above, chances are that you will be respected by them and trust will follow suit.

It is that simple!

Everyone likes to work with people who are deem not to be a burden to them.
Hence if you are able to perform, in their eyes, you will win their trust straight away.

Therefore, self-improve. Everyone is looking at you.

Hope you agree.

Any comments? .......


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finding Excuses

Have you wonder why some people progress in life better than others?

Do you find them "action" people?

I personally find that they do produce results after some effort on their part. The result though may not be exceptionally good. But they do have outcomes!

Why then do some others stay put and make little progress if any?

I noticed that these latter group of people tend to find excuses to cover their lack of interest to upgrade.

They tend to give all sort of reasons to hide behind their weakness and pretend to be "great".

Some even go to the extend of openly declaring that they don't understand, therefore will not do anything.

What results is status quo! No progress is made.

What should be done is to remove the obstacles blocking the understanding. Pick up more fundamental subjects related to the topics. Read anything leading to the issue or ask for help. Take action!

Simply changing the mindset to clear any hindrance will be half a battle won.
The firm mindset to learn and self-improve will last a long time till old age.
This is a skill precious enough to set example for your predecessor. They will respect you!

Do not find any more excuses when you meet with obstacles. Take initiatives and move forward with a positive attitude. In summary be honest.

Hope this post will push anyone who stay put to jump start self-improvement.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

State of Confusion

This is a word everyone dislike and will try to avoid at all cost.

It creates an internal fear, a mental one.
It brings out an insecurity to anyone experiencing it.

"Something is wrong!"  The mind sends this message to its owner.

But is it that fearful?

I request you to think again.

If you know something is amiss, isn't it good?
Is it better than not even knowing something is getting misaligned?

A confused state is indirectly a good one.
It tells you that you have something to learn.

It prompts you to the fact that something in your mind does not match with another concept or fact that you already thought you understood.

The confusion is a signal for you to take action. It provides the chance for you to explore previous knowledge.

Hence when you are in a state of confusion, be happy! It is a good sign.
It sounds ironical. But this is not a joke!
I am sure anyone reading this understand my message.

Do not fear confusion if it happens.
Think back and try to piece up the puzzle.
If at any time you feel stressed, allow yourself time-off and come back again.

You have already won half the battle knowing that you are confused!

The answer or solution will come at an appropriate time if you did not give up.
Any way, if you have reached this state of confusion, you will not be someone who will give up the challenge easily.
Or am I wrong?
Comment please....

:D     Have a nice day being confuse.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Solving Problems With a New Mindset

Have you ever tried solving a sticking problem but went round and round without clearing the issue?

It makes you angry, right?
I bet!

But do not despair. It may be due to the approach that you applied.

When you encounter a problem, it is normally because your concept or technique is wrong or inappropriate.

When you use back the same mindset to solve the problem, you are actually using back the wrong tools that created the problem.

Maintaining the same level of mindset is also another mistake you made.

Holding back to the same level to solve the issue cannot allow you to see the issue at an elevated platform.
Sometimes, you need to stand higher up to link up a bigger picture before you can actually notice the error or loophole within.

Changing your mindset and its level to resolve issue is key to improving yourself.

Linking steps before and around the current situation is a skill that is needed to have a smooth and systematic approach to problem-solving.

Be aware that there are always many other ways to look at a problem.
Be flexible and look at things from many angles.

You will, then, find that solving problems an enjoyable challenge.

Cheers and many problem-solving!    :)


Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Simple Way to Exercise the Brain

Our brain needs exercise to develop the numerous "links" within the hemispheres.

One simple way that can be done anytime and anywhere is to think out small little challnege that is fun to yourself.

The purpose is to motivate you to THINK.

Thinking forces you to exercise the brain.

One example is shown below:

From the diagram shown, how many items can be deduced from it?

My answers:
  • window grilles
  • tic-tac-toe
  • tiles
  • rubik cubes
  • piles of boxes
  • walls (looking from the top)
Any more that you can think of?

This exercise can produce a genius out of anyone. The more items you can produce the better you are.
Try with other diagrams.
It will not change you overnight. You know better.
But over a certain period of time, you will definitely grow in the "intelligent" direction.

You will be able to see "more" things and reason better.

Have a try today...  and please do share your answers of the above diagram through commenting.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Being Better With Instability

Everyone likes to stay comfortable and safe. No change is best.

This mindset is fine last century, but not this one!

Having a stable life without constant change is good, temporary.
A long term stagnation, however, is not healthy.

It forces you to relax and becomes lathargic.

You have to understand that the world is changing everyday.
Everyone works hard to earn a living.
Everyone studies hard (or smart) to have a better life.
Everyone improves hoping to be better.

If you stay put and look at others go by, you will be left behind, relatively, even if you are not losing your ability.

People are always catching up. They are moving ahead each and every other day, hour and minute.

Be instable. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Be insecure!

Being instable makes you want to stabilise.
You start to compare and set reference.
You start to see things in details.
You want to catch up so that you will be on par.
You want to be the same as other, for the sake of comfort.
You move with them, the constntly improving ones.

Hence, being instable is actually being stable. Ironical, right?

Taking a break and resting (for a short while) is good. But too long a period becomes deterimental to your future.

Improve through being instable. It helps.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Resting Is Beneficial To Us

Given the demanding pace of this new era, everyone may at times feel tired and stressful.

This is normal if you are human.

"Look ahead to see if you can last long", this is a common question that pops up often either through yourself or through your colleagues.

Health and the mental mind goes hand in hand.

The body supports the mind, as well as the mind supports the body.
As long as one party fails, the other suffers.

To keep both in check, we NEED to rest.
Taking a break occasionally is good and a must.

When you feel restless, it is time to cool down and rest the body and mind.

Recover for the future.

Work will never end.
Homework will be forever.
Assignment will always be waiting for you.

Your health WILL end.
Our mission is to make it last longer.

Learn to stay physically and mentally fit.
Take a break regularly.
Tell yourself that you deserve it.
It is not cheating on others.
It is life and death.

It is good for your future, to last long to continue to contribute.
It is to rest so that you will enjoy the coming life.

Take care and stay happy.

:) :D :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What Is Happiness?

This is a simple question.

But not many can get the correct answer.

In fact, I do not think there is any correct answer.

Why so?

It is because I believe, happiness changes with time and is individual on a case-by-case basis.

Happiness is a journey and not an end.

Many factors come into making a person happy.
But they may not apply the next day.
They changes with the mood.

Realising this message will therefore be a good indicator of our mental and emotional behaviour besides that of other people we deal with.

We live in a society of people. Each individuals are unique. It is an amazing world we live in.

By looking on the bright side of things, we are better tuned to stay happy. If it is not so, at least, we are not that sad.

It is our mindset that plays with our emotion. We have a choice. We have a brain.
Unless we are unable to control our mental state, which at times are possible, we are "off" the track.

Keep this behavioural pattern in check, and practice with conscious awareness.

But all said, one important thing that will not change is "We are still human."

If you make any bad comments or mistakes that disturb others, sincerely apologise later on after you come back to normal.

This showed that you are human, and you will feel better (and happier). Others will respect you for it, as they also make mistakes and also wish to be forgiving and happy too.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Method | Remove Anything That Irritates

Being happy is every one's wish.

Here you will learn one method that you can apply easily to head towards happiness.

Can you think of incidents that made you unhappy?

Does anyone of them involves things that irritate or annoy you?

I believe there must be some.

Examples of these are:
- people in the bus
- rubbish thrown round you
- naught kids making noise

Are they familiar examples?

I hope I make the point through.
Yes, things irritable make us agitated and uncomfortable.
This lead us to unhappiness.

So the cause of our unhappiness, in these incidents, are things that we do not want.

Knowing this, we can carry out our happiness generating method by removing these undesired items.

If your table is messed up with undone work, strive to tidy it up.
Remove the unwanted and place the wanted neatly in file holders or containers or equivalent.

If your kid is noisy and cannot be controlled, move to a quiet corner and rest your mind.
Stay there for a while to cool your nerve before thinking again.
Having an unclear mind to deal with uncontrollable things makes us unhappy.
Stay away from troubled places. "Out of sight, out of mind".

Be aware that things are all in our mind.
If we want to be unhappy, we will get it.
If we try our best to be happy, we will achieve it.

It is a matter of taking action.
Get rid of old habits if you find that they do you no good.
Remove Anything that irritates and destroy you.

We deserve a better live for we have only one life.

Cheers to us! Hip Hip Hooray!



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Method | Target One Good Thing Everyday

There are many ways to be happy.
However, if there is no plan and no focus, you will lost track of your happy vision.

One easy way to start the day is to have a target.
Choose a good thing that you want to achieve.
Just any random action or task that comes to your mind the instance you wake up.

It has to be comfortable and pleasant to do.
It could simply be a handshake to a new staff in your office, or a smile to the bus driver.

Just make it happen if given the chance.
Better still seize the chance, or create the opportunity if possible.

Action is the key word.
Make it happen, the good thing that you plan for.

You may start off having one, and growing to more if you like.

Over the days, you will find that you will have more "feedbacks".
These "feedbacks" are the paybacks that you planted all these days doing good things.

You will find yourself getting happier along the way.
It will be amazing. The outcome will be fantastic given the slight effort on your part.

This is a form of self-improvement.
An improvement on your mental health.

Try it today.
It's free.
It's easy.

It all depends on you.

Cheers! :)

Be happy.


Friday, July 10, 2009

One Sure Way To Be HAPPY

There are many ways to make a person happy.

But one sure way to be happy is ...

turn off the television or computer, and start talking to humans.

People, being social beings, need communication and idea sharing.

They like to pass message, one-way or both-way.

They like to share their feelings.
They like to show their affection and emotion.
They like to express.

Why is this so?

To communicate, you feel good.
We release some stress that may have accumulated through the working day.

To communicate, you can motivate others.
We need to show concern for our love ones, or the people we care for.

By showing and communicating our emotion to others, we are allowing others to show the same to us. It is mutual.

The television or computer cannot do that!

Therefore, to stay and be happy, cut down the number of hours in front of the television or computer. Talk to others. Act like a human being.

You will then feel like normal and being part of the human community.

You will be happy. This is a sure way.

Try it. Turn your computer off now and communicate to anyone around you.



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Individual Strength In Us

Have you ever looked and compared yourself with others?

It is human nature to do that. But after comparing, what is the impact?

Do you feel good when you learned that your reference is better?

Everyone will not feel good, I suppose.

Does that make you inferior?

It depends on how you see this matter.

We all have individual strengths, as well as weakness.

No one is inferior. It is only the area or scope of comparison.

You may be less capable in one field but competent in another.

The main issue is that sometimes we do not know that.
Thus, exposure to many areas will increase our chance to discover this hidden talents of ours.

Knowing this fact that we have our own individual strengths will lead us to a better future.
The reverse of focusing on the weakness will be doomsday-imminent!

Stay positive and strive forge. We have our own usefulness in society.
Just discover them and apply what is necessary.
And do not forget to self-improve.
Improving oneself is key in this fast pace and ever-changing society.

Finally, know that we have a choice. Choose the better option. Choose the appropriate mindset.

We are the best we want ourselves to be.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning from Being Simple


I believe that many of you encounter difficulties one time or another.

It may be work. It may be studies or it may be human relationship.

The process leading to the complication can be annoying.
The information at times, may be overwhelming and exploding to the limits.
The decision-making task can be taxing and frightening.

You may be crying out for something simpler.

Is it possible?

Why not?


One method is to rid yourself of everything, and see if you can survive without the things you deem necessary.

Learning from simplicity can rewarding.

Make do with whatever you have.

Go to an empty room and start to make a cup of water. You will see that all else, the trouble you are facing in your work, your life, your studies, etc, dissipates with the minor task of just having a cup of water from an empty room.

You will notice that you have put in too many demands on yourself to the extend that you are indirectly taxing yourself, and shortening your life.

Make life simple if you can.
There are times when the unnecessary becomes the necessary.
Is it so?

Review your needs as your go about your work, your studies, or whatever you do.

Reflection along the way is a good way to capture the important versus the desired but unnecessary.

Stay simple not in the physical (material) sense but also in the mental sense.

Acquiring knowledge is good if done in a peaceful manner.
If it is done to the extend of overload, then beware.

"Learn from simplicity".

It is just that. And simply that!


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patience Helps

Patience as the word implies means going slow.

In this days of neck-breaking pace of work and learning, we are squeezed out of our juices to deliver whatever we are expected to.

Is it healthy ultimately?

The answer may not be the same for everyone.

Thus, in order to stay sane, and healthy, physically and mentally, we need to constantly review our daily schedule and workload.

We know that this is common knowledge, and everyone is trying to do that or at least aiming for it. But how?

The solution may not be easy. It calls for some mindset and behavioural change.

We, as human, think. But if pressurized to perform, the thinking process may not be optimised.

The best solution is to slow down or in any word, practice patience.

Patience allows us to cool down and review the borders of any given tasks and challenges.
Patience let us see things in many angles.
Patience makes us a cautious person.

Having patience means that we can be efficient. By practicing it, we are able to avoid troubles and mistakes since we are able to see things in perspective as opposed to "rushing" out the assignments.

"Patience is a good virtue" as the website reflects.
It is very true.

Patience can guide us into being a better person, a natural way towards self-improvement.

In time of conflict of ideas, patience in speaking out and defending them, makes the difference between a practical, down to earth solution or agreement against a short term, "saving the face" outcome.

A person with patience demonstrates an elevated level of maturity and confidence.
It takes time, though, to achieve that.

In summary, amidst the fast pace living style nowadays, do remember to strive for patience to balance your inner self.

I hope you agree.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mindset of Trying

I was talking to a young girl one day about fish feeding.

She asked "Can we feed the fish using wooden sawdust?"

I was shocked at the question, and replied "No!, the fishes may die?"

She responded "Have you tried?"

This forced me to ponder for a moment.

What this young girl asked was a very important message in life.

Sometimes in life, if we do not try, we will not get the answer.

What surprised me further is the young girl's following statement...

She, with a clear voice, stated
"Sometimes a CAN becomes a CANNOT because we never try."

It rings a bell in my mind. A clear statement, and an intelligent one!

Yes, a mindset of trying is a valuable asset we need to embrace.
Without trying, everything remains the same. There will not be any improvement. Life goes on without excitement and new inventions.

But with trying, we can at least be assured that new things, concepts or ideas are generated. Even if they are not applied now, there will be in the future.

Think about it.

(I wonder if there is anymore such young girls around.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Using Common Sense

Everyone has the ability to reason logic in their thinking.
Some practice this often, while some hardly.

Sometimes, we meet with problems that are way beyond our comprehension, and to find a solution to them may take awhile.

What do you do then?
The answer is use your common sense.

Use what has been done many times and use what has been proven fine.

Our experience forms our common sense, though.
Common sense does not pop out from nothing.

It is the accumulation of daily happenings onto us that forms our knowledge base.
With different exposure, different experience forms.

Different people will come out different solution to a problem.

Hence, having varied exposure to many happenings help us come out suitable answer or solution.

Therefore to aid in your ability to come out answers to questions and challenges, strive to expose yourself to many changing environment and tasks. They will force you to think in a different scope and setting.

With varied constraints come varied outlook to problems. With different outlooks, come different experiences.

This is the skill need that will be long-lasting.

Thus, use your common sense to look at things. It widens your experience!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Treasure Every Moment You Live

Any thing can come and go. We can choose to ignore them or appreciate them.

Kids when grown up can never go back to being babies again. The moment had passed.

When a strong breeze flows by, with the leaves gliding down, the unique moment can never be returned exactly as it was. The moment had passed.

When we deal with a person, the statement we said out can never be reversed without any implication.

Once any event ended, the event, literally, ended. It can never be made the same again.

Thus, treasure any moment we have.

I came across a post that touches my heart, and which triggers me to write this post.
Click here for this gorgeous post.

In life, we come across many occasions that are unique in itself. Think a bit and look at the things beside us. See and feel the people around us. Touch the items that we long by-pass for good. The feel itself can be marvellous.

Treasure every bite of food that we put into our mouth, for the taste may never come back exactly as it is.

Appreciation of things done for us and for others is a way to groom us to be a gentle and wholesome being.

Self-improve towards this direction and you will find a calmness within yourself.

Enjoy your moment.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Be Realistic With Yourself and Others

There is a trap when you set goals for yourself and others.

Ambition and lack of patience may be the causes. Aiming too high without due concern for resources (time and necessary skills) can make or break the outcome.

Planning carefully, covering as many aspects of the objectives, will be a wiser approach when dealing with setting goals.

Ultimately, be realistic, especially when the outcome involves many others too.

Check the time frame to pick up new skills and the resources needed along the process.
Cater for the learning journey.
Factor in human behaviour towards challenging tasks.
Look into yourself,and your confidence level to complete the mission.

Be truly you.
Again, be realistic.

But what if the setting is fixed and has to progress on?

Firstly, do not point finger.
This will cause more harm than saving the situation. At times of this stressful condition, everyone needs motivation to get on.

Secondly, have an open communication.
Keeping to yourself and doing it alone will be tough. Communicate your ideas as you go along. Others may have better strategies to manage the problems or process. Open communication in the genuine sense, makes for better long-term rapport later on.
Even when no solutions can be found for the questions, as least you know that you have tried finding for one. Hunt for another approach. Internet, magazines, forum, etc are good places to get information leads.

Thirdly, know that you have to do it and avoid negative thoughts.
Staying positive is a good sign to progress. Negative thoughts will only pull you down or slow your down. Be strong. Know that you are a better person with every steps ahead. Even failure is a little lesson in itself. Staying stagnant, and blaming the situation is not productive. Things will not move forward if wrong thoughts fused into your thinking.

Being mature and realistic, though not easy, is also not difficult to handle. Just stay positive.
Self-motivate yourself consistently.

Even when the whole thing does not make it finally, I guarantee that you have achieve much internally through going the tough road. It is the strength within you that make a better you. Develop it!

Cheers to self-improvement!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your Effort Is Yours To Keep

Have you put in much effort and wonder who will really appreciate it?

How do you feel when nobody knows of the hard work put in by you?

Do you work hard for others or yourself?

To make it clear, and also to please yourself, any little effort put in by you yourself is treasure.

This little effort came from the heart and soul within you. Nobody will know that!
Even when they are aware, they will forget after a period of time.

The only person who will remember the precious effort for a long time is you yourself.
But this is provide it is genuinely yours.

To come out some work, you need in-depth thinking and planning. They may not be complex thoughts, but simple little ideas. But they take effort and clearing mental inertia.

Only you yourself will truly understand the "hardship" pumped in.

Therefore you are the only one who will really appreciate your own effort.
Thus, any effort is yours to keep, and treasure.

:-) Stay happy.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wasting Time By Worrying About Yesterday

Do you notice that there are times when you worry about the events that happened yesterday?

You may have made some mistakes that cause you anxiety, or you may spoken something wrongly. They worried you.

You lost focused in your current work, dwelling on what was past. Your mind slipped now and then back to yesterday.

Is it healthy mentally for this to happen?

I supposed you know the answer.

What is actually lost is your time.

What happened in the past should be captured as learning points to be enhanced as experience.
This way of thinking will reduce your anxiety and will make you feel better and happier.

You have to treat mistakes made as treasure. They may not come back again.

Move on with this experience to create a better you. Focus on the present and improve.

To see the light of future is better than looking back in darkness. Dwelling in the past darkness causes you to lost precious time that will melt away with your unconscious knowledge, until it is too late.

Know that every event, whether present or past, that happens are important to you. But knowing that things have to move on regardless of the past is more important.

With this mentality and with constant practice, you will ultimately find yourself improving with a happy attitude. You will treat every little happenings you encountered that "highlights" of your life, which are very unique to any individuals.

Don't waste anymore time thinking and worrying about the yesterdays. They cannot come back.

Move on with joy. Cheers!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Personal Character Matters

Have you ever come across someone who can do wonderful things, producing innovative products or speak very well?

Does he give you a good and deep impression?

Do you envy him for his work?

If all these came with the knowledge that he has bad character, how do you answer the above questions?

I believe everyone will like to have companion or friends that have good, acceptable personal character.

This is with disregard for his productivity or creativity.

If he is approachable and friendly, he will be accepted. Talking to him will be barrier-free.

When the person is nasty but can produce good results, he will only be treasure for his work. Nothing more beyond that. The respect accorded to him will be limited to the workplace.

Personal character matters and is a long term investment for anyone.

Example of caring for others and showing concern is a good virtue. It goes to show the internal beauty of a person. The character will be rewarded with sincere friends who will share their true views and opinion with you.

Good character is hard to come by, having to develop it through a long term consistent practice. It embeds into the mind of anyone who practice this.

Prudent people will value character more than actual outcome, besides business-sense.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Rid of Confusion, Aim for Clarity

In life, we are bombarded with many information. Some information are there for the sake of attention. They are the unnecessary advertisements. They confuses!

To make sense of the information flow, we should direct only relevant item to the correct channel. The rest will, and should be, moved to the garbage area for disposal.

This is the way our mind should perform. Removing rubbish, while keeping the important.

Learn to differentiate the wanted from the unwanted.

Learn to clear the mental flow instead of clog up the information passage.
Aim for clarity and not confusion.

Staying focus is one method to doing the proper thing. Practice concentration technique to enhance this focusing.

One of these concentration technique is our "touch" typing. It forces you to look at your material instead of the keyboard.

Another example is to stare at an item for a defined period of time without care for the noise that goes round.

Building this skill to rid your mind of irrelevance saves you unnecessay time lost.
You can imagine a warehouse full of disorganised goods. How to locate the desired item?

Our brain, the warehouse inside our skull, is an invaluable asset we posses that decide our future. Fill it with good stuff and your life will be equally good, later.

Confused? I hope not!

Happy reading..


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Self-Improvement | Doing for Your Good

In this era of fast pace, high demanding life style, we are super robots to cater to many "wishes".

The "wishes" may come from our boss (if not only one), spouse, kids, colleagues, strangers, customers, and many more.

The constant demand to keep up with learning can be stressful at times.

"Why am I doing this?" is the common question residing behind the back of our mind.
"Have I to learn this?" is another popular question too.

The boss wants this and the customers want that.
The desire to satisfy the wants of people becomes meaningless if done improperly.

The proper way to think and handle this issue is to be clear of why we are doing this!

Whatever we learn, we learn it for ourselves.
It is to enable us to stay useful to society, especially in times of recession.
It allows us to contribute actively to our work and environment.

We are doing it for ourselves. We gain the value.
We feel complete.

We do not do it for our boss, and neither for others.

We learn to serve others through being productive and adding value.
We can do that only when we gain knowledge and skills.

It should be inner to external in approach.
The mindset should be to constantly improve and stay relevant.

This is the only guarantee for our meaningful stay on earth.
Do you agree?


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Elder Does Not Mean Better

As we grow older, we experienced more things and events. These causes us to have more knowledge and the ability to give good judgement and advise.

But does it necessary be true all the times?

This question crossed my mind when I witnessed a case involving a parent teaching her daughter upper elementary math.

The daughter was trying to avoid a certain math question that involves ratio. The mother seeing the problem confronted the kid and discover that the question was challenging.

She tried to work that out thinking that at an upper elementary level, the math question should not be difficult to solve,and was wondering why the kid was "running"away from it.

Half an hour passed by with the mother still struggling with the question. Some thing went really wrong!

What was surprising was that the daughter sensing that her mother wasn't able to solve it, took up the challenge instead of avoiding it now.

After staring at the paper for about 3 minutes or so, she wrote something out of logic, something not that mathematical, but with the answer from only 4 steps of working.

She outdid her mother!

What this event proved was that given the correct attitude, any person can come out better solution and idea. Experience is good but not all.

It also goes to show that one have to keep on learning and staying mentally active. It does not always mean that being elderly has the call and advantage.

It is a race and everyone can catch up with you at any time. Fierce message, right?

Do not despair. Just do what is right and proper. It is sufficient to keep you happy and comfortable. Cheers!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Purpose of Self-Improvement

When you are a kid, you attend school to be taught new knowledge and skills.

When you are a grown-up, you base on the self-learning skill picked up in school to continue with upgrading.

Why do you keep on learning, even without a teacher?

Is it for money or power?
Is it for fame?

All the above may be true.

But what actually is the intrinsic reason for your motivation to better yourself?

It gives you a sense of living on this earth.
A sense that you understand the surrounding happenings.

Why does the sun rises and set?
Why does rainbow form after rain?
How does bacteria comes about?
How does plant grows?
How does electricity flow in a circuit board?
What are marbles make of?
Why are some people more nasty than others?

Knowing more information gives you ability to talk or chat with others, and share your views.
You are able to interact positively. It gives you social attachment.

Learning and improving yourself make you a "person", compared to a zombie.

The more you learn, the more you experience, whether through the hard way of making mistakes or smooth sailing.

You pass on the skills to younger generation for them to add value to existing.

You make the world move on by contributing through self-improvement.

With regards to rewards, they will come naturally (sooner or later).
Even when the rewards are little, the true rewards are the satisfaction of living well and proper.
The reward of seeing people you share knowledge smile is a big enough motivation to pick up new things.

Real improvement is internal and has to be initiated with good intention.
The purpose of self-improvement, is thus, to make the world a better place to live in.

Have a nice, happy stay. Cheers to self-improvement!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Resistance To New Learning Areas

Everybody has some form of inertia within. The reluctance to move out of the comfort zone is a well-known fact.

This inhibits progress. This makes one stagnant in knowledge.

Information is ever-changing in this era of fast moving society. When you stop, you will lack behind with growing margin depending on stoppage duration. Frightening, right?

Never start, never learn. This is key to removing the resistance of learning.

Take it as a personal exposure disregarding any repercussion that may come along. Do not fear venturing into new areas. After all what can be lost compared to staying put?

Think on the positive side that you are looking for excitement. Excitement is the element that keeps the day fun and bright, besides making it meaningful.

Why hold yourself back?

Even making mistakes along the way is good lesson learnt. You will find fulfillment. Trust me (and yourself).

With information comes knowledge. With knowledge comes application. It is this process of thought within learning that propel you forward and making the "discomfort" zone comfortable.

Forming a habit to move on, picking up new things along the journey will reduce the inertia and resistance to see and experience fresh information.

Just remind yourself that there is nothing to lose by capturing knowledge that is abundant nowadays.

Feel free mentally. Remove the mental block and fly over any obstacle that lies ahead.

Happy self-improvement. Cheers!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Simple Trick To Stay Happy

Ever wonder how people stay happy?

It is not that difficult if you know how.

First, you have to know what make you unhappy. Or just read your feeling and you know it.
Second, you need to know who will make you unhappy. Your feeling will tell you too.

After knowing all these, what do you do if you have no choice but to be around them?

Just shut them off, mentally.

If things are not to your taste and are disturbing, remove them.

- You can choose to simply ignore them, or courteously smile and move away.

- You can even "shut your ears" (the non-physical type), and pretend you are listening.

- You can temporary store what you hear and see when they are around, but flush them out after they are out of sight.

Stick with things you like and that will make you comfortable.
Comfort will relax your mind and body to sustain your energy for the day.

This action will make you happy.

This trick will keep you healthy for a long time.

Try it. Stay happy.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Simple Way To Improve

When you are lost in a small island, do you improve fast, if at all?

The answer is obviously NO.


It is because you are alone with limited resources.
What you have maybe, rocks, sands, trees, insects, etc.

Day in and day out, you will be looking at them.
Your mind will go stagnant with nothing changing day after day.

So to improve yourself, you need information.

The information can be the latest updates or past historical matters.

What drives you to think and improvise is knowledge.

Knowledge comes from information.
When there is lack of information, how else can you get knowledge?

Thus, it will be nice to capture as many information as you can to expand your database or knowledge base. And with that you will be on the way to being a better person and an improved one.

It is just that simple.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Honestly Living

I believe everyone has done things against your conscious.

You are not willing, but circumstances forced you to do it.

How do you feel?
Do you feel good or rotten?

The answer is clear and obvious.

Why do you feel bad?
It is because you have a conscious. A knowledge that you are tied down by rules and regulations.

Then how?
Should you continue with it and stay on doing things against your wish?

You can choose to change your environment and rid yourself of the nasty tasks. But this may be temporary. Similar happenings may surface again in your new environment.

As long as there are people, you will face this sort of things sooner or later.

What is more permanent is the handling of your feelings.

Look towards the bright side of things.
Accepting that this is part of living.
Change your mindset towards the task.
Know that you are doing something fine though it is not to your liking.

Be honest with yourself. Seek understanding from yourself.

If the task is way above your ability to handle emotionally, drop it for the sake of a long-term merit.

Remember that practice makes perfect.
If you practice staying with things you dislike, you will perfect staying with things you dislike!

Live honestly. You have only one life. Be truthful with yourself.

Don't force yourself too much if the going is too tough for you to take, especially if it goes against your principles.

You may lost something temporarily from the defiance, but you stand to gain in the long-run.
Be prudence, though.
Stay rationale. Think before you leap.

"Be honest and live honestly with yourself" should be your guide.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scaling New Heights

When you remain in the same place too long, or is doing the same old things over and over again,
try something new.

It can also means travelling a different route, taking different bus, reading books written by another author, or simply listening to a song sung by another singer.

Why do that?

It will, of course, give you a different perspective to life. It will expose you to another new dimension to a perceived view. More information will be captured to give you that capability.

Scaling new heights is the keyword.

Reach for new level in your understanding of certain things, people, knowledge or any areas of personal interest.

The benefits are not limited to widening your view, it gives you more confidence in engaging in casual talks. It encourages you to meet more people. It widens your scope in life!

Looking at things from another angle is also a form of scaling new heights. Just a bit of mind-twisting, and you will discover a bright new picture never thought of.

Activate your sleepy mind. Do not allow it to freely run into the normally travelled path.

Kick your thinking and shift your thoughts to a side-walk, a path less travelled. Move it to explore new ideas and practice. You will discover that you can see and do interesting things. In fact, everyone can do it.

Only through effort comes rewards. And the rewards will be treasured by you, for they are discovered by tracking on new grounds. Break out from the conventional comfort zone!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Safe Way To React When Lost In Decision-Making

There are plenty of decisions to be made daily. Some are critical while some as not.

Mentally the decisions may be easy or they may be tough.

Some decisions are for long-term purpose while some are short-term in nature.

Good decision making skill is therefore needed and crucial for anyone.

Experience is a major factor in making good decision that has less disruption and is effective.

But there are times when we are totally lost. It may be due to confusion, or not having a good rest the previous night,or there may be family problems, etc.

How should we handle this situation?

We are all human to start off. No blaming or negative thoughts to the inability to make a decision should come into the picture.

Understand the situation and the impact of the decision.

If it is not time critical, leave it for further consideration. Know that a quick and rush decision is not a good choice. Wait till more information can be gathered to assist in making the decision.
Ensure that the mind is clear before a good-quality direction can be decided.
Re-visit the consideration only when you are comfortable and fine, and ready.

Talk to more people involved with similar incidents, and analyse their experience.
Balance the pro and cons. Be "real" and honest.
Question whether you are able to absorb the failure when outcome does not meet expectation.

No point in getting through a decision-making for the sake to satisfy and close the case.
The outcome may come back and haunt you later on. Be realistic and be responsible.

When the decision is time-sensitive, use your available knowledge with advise from anyone present, if possible, to come out with a conclusion. A safe way is to give a temporary answer to move forward but allow for adjustment when more information pours in.

After that, realise that you have done your best, given the tight situation. Praise yourself and prepare to monitor the process.

In these days of hectic schedule, "trying your best" is a key word. Learn and gather as much information as possible during normal time for the purpose of making better decision when the time calls for it.

Do be honest and factor in realistic, down-to-earth information before committing to a decision.

Be happy after that.
Cheers to better decision-making.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Motivational Factor

Everyone needs motivation at times.

This is especially so when you are exhausted and need a bit of an emotional push to get you on.

However, motivation come in two forms, namely, short term and the long term motivation.

Short term may be linked to completing a task or studies. You just need a praise from someone to get on with the work, or a token of appreciation to hammer on.

Long term motivation is the more critical form of the two.

This motivation is the one that drives you on throughout your life.

Is money a factor of motivation?
Or it is knowledge?
Does power and authority excites you?

These are some of the examples of motivation factors that you question yourself.

Until you know very well what drives you on, you will be confuse about your direction in life.

You may be wandering from getting power to capturing knowledge, and then moving on to earning more money. What is your dominant motivational factor?

To achieve self-improvement successful, you need to identify this crucial item in yourself.

Only through self-evaluation and reviewing of your interest and inclination, you can then know what really matter to you.

It can be a hybrid between all, but the one that ignites you, when you are down, has to be the one that you are comfortable with.

Thus to be on the path of improvement, seek this motivational factor of yours. This will then be your guiding beam to lead you onto the path of wonders.

Being truthful is happiness.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Understanding Others

Confucius once said " It is not the understanding of us by others, but the understanding of others by us that matters".

To know how others think and react is a skill everyone should have to live harmoniously together. We live in a community of people.

People have their own thoughts and interpretations of events happening daily. They form and educate themselves through these daily encounters.

Each and everyone, thus, grow in diversified direction with clash of ideas at times.

There is no right or wrong. Each has their own explanation to outcomes and happenings.

So how do we judge others?
Or should we let others judge us?

If you are honest and up-right, there is no fear of being mis-understood by others in the long run. They may get the wrong impression initially, but overtime, they will realise who you are.

Therefore, is it important to market ourselves aggressively and hope that others will appreciate us?

Rather than wanting people to understand us, why not spend time understanding others?

Knowing people around us and their in-depth personalities, will help us maintain a good relation with them. Rapport and mutual co-operation can then exist. Teamwork will be enhanced as a result. Frictions will be reduced through the close understanding of others and their behaviours.

Therefore , strive to look into others rather than creating opportunities for others to look into you. They will want to know you if they find your desirable. Fear not.

Stay happy and cheerful for a lively future....

:) Mary had a little lamb, little lamb........


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Avoidance Mindset

It is human nature to avoid difficulties when given the chance.

We will find all sorts of excuses to cover our fears and weaknesses.

If there is a shortcut to get way or solve the issue, we will go for it.

We avoid problems!

However, are we doing ourselves a disservice?

Yes, we fear trouble.
We may not be able to face the consequences of failure.
We dare not accept the fact that we are weak. It affects our pride and confidence.

But, honestly, speaking, what do we get out of avoiding?

The answer is that we stay put. Status quo. No progress.

To move forward and accept whatever challenge that we face is in the long run, good for us.
We are moving closer to a better us. We may not reach it in one step, or in one assigned task or project.

But we are at least closer than if we avoid it totally.
We are improving at whatever pace, if we do not avoid the challenge.

Be brave and strive ahead in the name of self-improvement.
We will be happier in the end.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Loving Yourself

Self-inflicted injuries means not loving yourself.

Why cause harm to yourself?

Don't you treasure yourself?

The injuries may not be physical but emotional.

Self-blame can cause injuries to your soul.

It is damaging. With constant blaming, you will spiral downwards.

Love yourself.

If you have tried your best, you will fully understand that whatever failure that follow suit can not be excused.

Even if others do not accept your excuse, you are the best person to accept it yourself.

No one is better in understanding you than yourself.

If you have your reason for doing a particular thing, you are the best person to know why.
No words can clearly express what you think.

Therefore, love yourself and take care of yourself.

You are the only one in the world. The are no TWO you.

As long as you think you are sincere and good in doing, praise yourself. No need for others to chip in. It will only be a bonus if they do that.

Having this mindset will enable you to love yourself well, independent of external factors.
In this way, you will strive to improve and treasure yourself more.

:-) (-:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Acknowledging That Not All Will Like You

Do you try to please everyone ?

Do you like to make friends by catering to their needs?

Do you wish to be liked by everyone?

Though the answer is a YES, it is not possible in real life.

Is it that important to be liked or loved?

We live in a world full of emotional people. People have their own likes and dislikes. We should not impose our desire onto others. Therefore, we should not expect others to do like us.

They have a choice.

Knowing this is good.

At least you will feel better.

But most importantly, LIKE YOURSELF.

This is the best that you can do.

:-) Cheers to yourself. Hurray!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Effects of Too Many "Why"s.

Asking questions is a positive step to understand and learn about things.

You will find out more through the "why"s.

Whether you get any answer out of the asking does not matter. What matters is that you start to think. Through questioning, you start to piece up the whole picture.

But does that mean you can start asking "Why" to any subject?

Is it ok to question every steps of a purchasing process?
Is it ok to ask for reasons to every written statements in a report?

Any sane person will give a definite "No" to the above questions.


Because by answering every "why"s, you may take days to truly understand the whole picture.

If the process is for simple purchase, why dig deep to save a few dollars and waste unnecessary time and resources that can be make good in other area.

The saving in this simple purchase may not warrant the saving in man-hour pay!

Judgement in this decision-making area calls for careful thinking, balancing what is important over what is necessary.

Asking too many "why"s, sometimes hinder work flow, rendering frustration and causes inefficiency to the system.

Knowing when to question in a timely manner is a skill that has many benefits.
Strive to understand the elements of situational emphasis.

Is it money or time in this instance?
Is it a necessity or a desire for this matter?

Balance the conditions and place logic into the decision-making process.
This will help guide anyone to be a better self-improved person.

Prudence counts.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Better Late Than Never

"Better Late Than Never".

This is a common saying that informs us of the importance of being there.

As long as you are not there, you will not be able to obtain first-hand information.

While the reverse, even when you are late, you can at least be better off than those who did not even turn up.

In life, this principle applies.

Do not think that when you are old, everything does not matter.
It still does!

Everything in this world moves and changes fast.
Staying stagnant means not being able to capture the latest.

Your kids will stay away from you.
Your grandson will avoid you.


You are out of synchronising with them.
They will find it hard to talk with you.
They live in a different era from you when you stay put.

For work-wise, technologies and way of working changes. Expectation changes.
Dare you stay still? You must be a hero! An extinct hero if you are.

Go for self-improvement!

Keep moving, mentally, even when you are slow. At least you are not far back.

Remember the race between the hare and tortoise.
With perseverance, the tortoise can still win the hare.