Monday, May 18, 2009

Using Common Sense

Everyone has the ability to reason logic in their thinking.
Some practice this often, while some hardly.

Sometimes, we meet with problems that are way beyond our comprehension, and to find a solution to them may take awhile.

What do you do then?
The answer is use your common sense.

Use what has been done many times and use what has been proven fine.

Our experience forms our common sense, though.
Common sense does not pop out from nothing.

It is the accumulation of daily happenings onto us that forms our knowledge base.
With different exposure, different experience forms.

Different people will come out different solution to a problem.

Hence, having varied exposure to many happenings help us come out suitable answer or solution.

Therefore to aid in your ability to come out answers to questions and challenges, strive to expose yourself to many changing environment and tasks. They will force you to think in a different scope and setting.

With varied constraints come varied outlook to problems. With different outlooks, come different experiences.

This is the skill need that will be long-lasting.

Thus, use your common sense to look at things. It widens your experience!


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