Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tips On Improving Your Kids Studies

Teaching a kid is a tough job for any teacher or parent.

The minds of kids are fluctuating now and then, even during studying.

We can't do much about the mind unless we apply stright discipline.
This cause resentment and rebellion.
The negative impact on the freedom demoralises the kid and make studying a chore.

What is a good tip then to "wake up" and encourage the kid in their study?

The answer lies in how we get them motivated.

How do you, in the first place, what others to motivate you?
Using the answer, you can apply it onto the kids.

One way, for me, is the feel of success.

Motivation comes when you discovered that a certain task assumed to be out-of-reach can be accomplished with some effort.

The "I made it!" conclusion stimulates.

Apply this aim onto the kids.

How to go about it?

1)  Get the kids to start of simple. Some hand holding may be necessary.
2)  Guide the kids closely. Showing examples or model answers if possible. This built confidence.
3)  Let the kids pratice a few times of the same type of problems.
4)  Summarise the steps or key points.
5)  Request the kids to repeat your summarised steps.
6)  Give a test question for them to try on their own.
7)  Wait to see their SMILE.

Finally, you will be smiling with them.

Be consistent throughout the guidance.
They can read your mind if you are sincere about training them.

Kids are NOT stupid. They are sensing and testing water at times.
Show them you care. They will read you correctly.

Improving this skill and you will be having less resistance teaching your kids.

:-D   Happy tutoring.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Feeling Demoralised? Try This


Feeling down one time or another?

It is normal though.

But what have you to do when you are really off your best?

Being demoralised can happen to anyone. Nobody can escape this fact.
Therefore, understand why you are facing this situation when you are down.

Many factors can be the contributors.
One example can be lack of energy due to depletion of sleep.
It could be that someone is talking bad about you.
It could be that you are not being appreciated after all the things you have done.
The list can go on........

But you are the one who could pull yourself OUT of the slope!

If you have ran out of ideas to boost yourself up, the below is one sure way to kick yourself  UP.

Always keep something that you like to do, and that you can do it well.
Reserve this task for time when you are down.

Do the task to bring up your excitement and happy "juice".
After sometime on this task, you will find an energetic you.

This method works for me.

Hope it does to you too.

However, just remember one thing,
"If you want to be down, nobody else can pull you up. You are the best choice".

:-)   All the Best !


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be The Solution and Not The Problem

Problems abound but solutions are rare.

This is a known fact.

Thus to ease obstacles in your daily routine, seek to find solutions.

You will feel better and happier with this mindset.

Being of use to others is a great way to being happy.

Normally people reflect problems and simply wait for the solutions to them.
What will be done?
Nothing, if there is no intention to solve the issue.

Being the solution and getting rid of hindrance will serve us a long way.

Be proactive in looking for methods or techniques to create a conducive environment for life or work.

Change of mindset takes time.
But correct attitude has to come first.
With proper attitude, the inertia to start work will be lesser.

Hence, always remember
"BE the Solution and NOT the Problem".


Friday, March 5, 2010

Proper Coverage in Learning Stages

Learning comes in many stages. Everyone knows that.

Irregardless of whether the training is the formal or informal type. The various stages are there.

One stage leads to another.

If one stage is not properly analyzed or content appropriately understood, their concepts and principles within may not see real results.

This gaps in learning will flow over to the following stages and disaster will happen.
It may not appear immediately, and may even appear in another stage.

What does this mean?

Simply put, outcomes will not be complete.
Concepts may have to be revisited again when mistakes are exposed.

Why do these gaps happen?

Many factors, as you may have guessed.

Yes, human beings are complex.
No one learning style covers all.
And no topic fits only one style.

It is a case by case issue.
Only the person learning knows what is best for himself.

Attitude towards learning is the guide.

But one crucial mistake that is rather common is the "short-cut" method.
Trying to pull a fast one to get an academic paper may be the objective.
Is it proper?
Is it a right thing to do?

When things are not covered properly to an acceptable level of understanding, flaws in execution using the newly-learned knowledge will be there.

It may have small impact, if you are lucky.
But what if the otherwise? It could be an explosion!

Learning is no small matter.
Seriousness counts.
Attitude counts.
And hardworking counts.

Trying to complete the studies in a short time and taking advantage of others is a dangerous move.
It do not strengthen the correct objectives of the learning.
It strengthens, however, the wrong things.

Be prudent.
It is our learning and our brain and mind that are affected.
This is more so when you are in self-improvement programme.
You are on your own.

Think proper.