Friday, November 15, 2013

Focusing on Main task

There are many challenges we face nowadays.

Things keep on piling up, and fast coming. The pace is never slowing down.

To absorb all that come along is madness. Hence to stay sane, focus.

Focus is to scope down the importance.

What is then the importance to you?

For some, the importance is more towards self.
Others is towards the community.

No right and no wrong. It is a matter of preference.

However, there are tasks that lead to rewards.
Thus, are the rewards the main task for one to aim for?

It may be the motivational element for you to direct your energy, but can it sustain?
Is it the real, true element that make you feel good?

Realize the true meaning of doing something.

If you do something well, rewards will come naturally.
Focusing on the rewards will, henceforth, be a deviation from the main task.
It will not be sustainable. It will drain energy.

Doing and focusing on the main issue will always be the true meaning of doing something, and doing it well.
Trying to aim for the rewards of doing something will normally make the main task less prominent in the mind of the doer. 

Be honest and focus on the main task. Do not sway and be tempted for rewards.

Self-improvement is a serious truly pure upgrading of oneself.
The worst thing is to cheat oneself and think highly of it. 
Stay clear of that intention.

.  :-)