Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Method | Remove Anything That Irritates

Being happy is every one's wish.

Here you will learn one method that you can apply easily to head towards happiness.

Can you think of incidents that made you unhappy?

Does anyone of them involves things that irritate or annoy you?

I believe there must be some.

Examples of these are:
- people in the bus
- rubbish thrown round you
- naught kids making noise

Are they familiar examples?

I hope I make the point through.
Yes, things irritable make us agitated and uncomfortable.
This lead us to unhappiness.

So the cause of our unhappiness, in these incidents, are things that we do not want.

Knowing this, we can carry out our happiness generating method by removing these undesired items.

If your table is messed up with undone work, strive to tidy it up.
Remove the unwanted and place the wanted neatly in file holders or containers or equivalent.

If your kid is noisy and cannot be controlled, move to a quiet corner and rest your mind.
Stay there for a while to cool your nerve before thinking again.
Having an unclear mind to deal with uncontrollable things makes us unhappy.
Stay away from troubled places. "Out of sight, out of mind".

Be aware that things are all in our mind.
If we want to be unhappy, we will get it.
If we try our best to be happy, we will achieve it.

It is a matter of taking action.
Get rid of old habits if you find that they do you no good.
Remove Anything that irritates and destroy you.

We deserve a better live for we have only one life.

Cheers to us! Hip Hip Hooray!



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Method | Target One Good Thing Everyday

There are many ways to be happy.
However, if there is no plan and no focus, you will lost track of your happy vision.

One easy way to start the day is to have a target.
Choose a good thing that you want to achieve.
Just any random action or task that comes to your mind the instance you wake up.

It has to be comfortable and pleasant to do.
It could simply be a handshake to a new staff in your office, or a smile to the bus driver.

Just make it happen if given the chance.
Better still seize the chance, or create the opportunity if possible.

Action is the key word.
Make it happen, the good thing that you plan for.

You may start off having one, and growing to more if you like.

Over the days, you will find that you will have more "feedbacks".
These "feedbacks" are the paybacks that you planted all these days doing good things.

You will find yourself getting happier along the way.
It will be amazing. The outcome will be fantastic given the slight effort on your part.

This is a form of self-improvement.
An improvement on your mental health.

Try it today.
It's free.
It's easy.

It all depends on you.

Cheers! :)

Be happy.


Friday, July 10, 2009

One Sure Way To Be HAPPY

There are many ways to make a person happy.

But one sure way to be happy is ...

turn off the television or computer, and start talking to humans.

People, being social beings, need communication and idea sharing.

They like to pass message, one-way or both-way.

They like to share their feelings.
They like to show their affection and emotion.
They like to express.

Why is this so?

To communicate, you feel good.
We release some stress that may have accumulated through the working day.

To communicate, you can motivate others.
We need to show concern for our love ones, or the people we care for.

By showing and communicating our emotion to others, we are allowing others to show the same to us. It is mutual.

The television or computer cannot do that!

Therefore, to stay and be happy, cut down the number of hours in front of the television or computer. Talk to others. Act like a human being.

You will then feel like normal and being part of the human community.

You will be happy. This is a sure way.

Try it. Turn your computer off now and communicate to anyone around you.



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Individual Strength In Us

Have you ever looked and compared yourself with others?

It is human nature to do that. But after comparing, what is the impact?

Do you feel good when you learned that your reference is better?

Everyone will not feel good, I suppose.

Does that make you inferior?

It depends on how you see this matter.

We all have individual strengths, as well as weakness.

No one is inferior. It is only the area or scope of comparison.

You may be less capable in one field but competent in another.

The main issue is that sometimes we do not know that.
Thus, exposure to many areas will increase our chance to discover this hidden talents of ours.

Knowing this fact that we have our own individual strengths will lead us to a better future.
The reverse of focusing on the weakness will be doomsday-imminent!

Stay positive and strive forge. We have our own usefulness in society.
Just discover them and apply what is necessary.
And do not forget to self-improve.
Improving oneself is key in this fast pace and ever-changing society.

Finally, know that we have a choice. Choose the better option. Choose the appropriate mindset.

We are the best we want ourselves to be.