Thursday, July 2, 2009

Individual Strength In Us

Have you ever looked and compared yourself with others?

It is human nature to do that. But after comparing, what is the impact?

Do you feel good when you learned that your reference is better?

Everyone will not feel good, I suppose.

Does that make you inferior?

It depends on how you see this matter.

We all have individual strengths, as well as weakness.

No one is inferior. It is only the area or scope of comparison.

You may be less capable in one field but competent in another.

The main issue is that sometimes we do not know that.
Thus, exposure to many areas will increase our chance to discover this hidden talents of ours.

Knowing this fact that we have our own individual strengths will lead us to a better future.
The reverse of focusing on the weakness will be doomsday-imminent!

Stay positive and strive forge. We have our own usefulness in society.
Just discover them and apply what is necessary.
And do not forget to self-improve.
Improving oneself is key in this fast pace and ever-changing society.

Finally, know that we have a choice. Choose the better option. Choose the appropriate mindset.

We are the best we want ourselves to be.


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angie said...

Thanks for the great post. It's great to see how others share their thoughts with the rest of us. I think positive thinking is the key for success, no matter what you would like to achieve. It is hard sometimes, but at the end when you see the results, you realize it's worth the efforts you have put in. I saw a great motivational video, you might want to check it out: Enjoy!