Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All Action Has Consequences

In life, we are always presented with choices. These choices will require actions to reach a certain objectives or goals.

Deciding which is the correct choice becomes a challenge.

Taking a wrong action results in reaching the wrong destination.
While taking a correct one helps us fulfill our wish.

All action has thus a consequence, or consequences.

To be a better person, we has therefore to acquire a suite of self-improvement tools.

One of them will be the ability to decide properly the actions to be taken for a certain purpose.
Thinking and deciding skills becomes critical for that matter.

How do we think?
This question seems "cute" to some.
But if you really dig into this question, you will find that it is not an easy question to answer.

I do not have the answer.
But I strongly believe that if you can connect as many facts or experience together, you will likely be able to achieve a suitable result through proper actions.

If someone anger you, what do you do?
Do you shout back at him?
Do you start throw any objects you can reach at him?

Or do you cool down and review the situation before you react?

Different actions taken by you will produce different consequence.
Sometimes it is the emotional part that overwrite your mental part.
Which is the correct or suitable cause of actions is more of being aware, at that point in time, of your desire.

You have to go through a few incidence before you can really master that quick decision for the suitable type of actions.
This maybe what we call "experience".

In short, be aware that any action you take, you will have to face some form of consequence, be it good or bad ones.

However, if you are unsure, go for the kind and unhurting style. It should not go wrong.
(Even if it is wrong, you will know that you did it with good intention, :-)  )