Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your Effort Is Yours To Keep

Have you put in much effort and wonder who will really appreciate it?

How do you feel when nobody knows of the hard work put in by you?

Do you work hard for others or yourself?

To make it clear, and also to please yourself, any little effort put in by you yourself is treasure.

This little effort came from the heart and soul within you. Nobody will know that!
Even when they are aware, they will forget after a period of time.

The only person who will remember the precious effort for a long time is you yourself.
But this is provide it is genuinely yours.

To come out some work, you need in-depth thinking and planning. They may not be complex thoughts, but simple little ideas. But they take effort and clearing mental inertia.

Only you yourself will truly understand the "hardship" pumped in.

Therefore you are the only one who will really appreciate your own effort.
Thus, any effort is yours to keep, and treasure.

:-) Stay happy.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wasting Time By Worrying About Yesterday

Do you notice that there are times when you worry about the events that happened yesterday?

You may have made some mistakes that cause you anxiety, or you may spoken something wrongly. They worried you.

You lost focused in your current work, dwelling on what was past. Your mind slipped now and then back to yesterday.

Is it healthy mentally for this to happen?

I supposed you know the answer.

What is actually lost is your time.

What happened in the past should be captured as learning points to be enhanced as experience.
This way of thinking will reduce your anxiety and will make you feel better and happier.

You have to treat mistakes made as treasure. They may not come back again.

Move on with this experience to create a better you. Focus on the present and improve.

To see the light of future is better than looking back in darkness. Dwelling in the past darkness causes you to lost precious time that will melt away with your unconscious knowledge, until it is too late.

Know that every event, whether present or past, that happens are important to you. But knowing that things have to move on regardless of the past is more important.

With this mentality and with constant practice, you will ultimately find yourself improving with a happy attitude. You will treat every little happenings you encountered that "highlights" of your life, which are very unique to any individuals.

Don't waste anymore time thinking and worrying about the yesterdays. They cannot come back.

Move on with joy. Cheers!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Personal Character Matters

Have you ever come across someone who can do wonderful things, producing innovative products or speak very well?

Does he give you a good and deep impression?

Do you envy him for his work?

If all these came with the knowledge that he has bad character, how do you answer the above questions?

I believe everyone will like to have companion or friends that have good, acceptable personal character.

This is with disregard for his productivity or creativity.

If he is approachable and friendly, he will be accepted. Talking to him will be barrier-free.

When the person is nasty but can produce good results, he will only be treasure for his work. Nothing more beyond that. The respect accorded to him will be limited to the workplace.

Personal character matters and is a long term investment for anyone.

Example of caring for others and showing concern is a good virtue. It goes to show the internal beauty of a person. The character will be rewarded with sincere friends who will share their true views and opinion with you.

Good character is hard to come by, having to develop it through a long term consistent practice. It embeds into the mind of anyone who practice this.

Prudent people will value character more than actual outcome, besides business-sense.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Rid of Confusion, Aim for Clarity

In life, we are bombarded with many information. Some information are there for the sake of attention. They are the unnecessary advertisements. They confuses!

To make sense of the information flow, we should direct only relevant item to the correct channel. The rest will, and should be, moved to the garbage area for disposal.

This is the way our mind should perform. Removing rubbish, while keeping the important.

Learn to differentiate the wanted from the unwanted.

Learn to clear the mental flow instead of clog up the information passage.
Aim for clarity and not confusion.

Staying focus is one method to doing the proper thing. Practice concentration technique to enhance this focusing.

One of these concentration technique is our "touch" typing. It forces you to look at your material instead of the keyboard.

Another example is to stare at an item for a defined period of time without care for the noise that goes round.

Building this skill to rid your mind of irrelevance saves you unnecessay time lost.
You can imagine a warehouse full of disorganised goods. How to locate the desired item?

Our brain, the warehouse inside our skull, is an invaluable asset we posses that decide our future. Fill it with good stuff and your life will be equally good, later.

Confused? I hope not!

Happy reading..


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Self-Improvement | Doing for Your Good

In this era of fast pace, high demanding life style, we are super robots to cater to many "wishes".

The "wishes" may come from our boss (if not only one), spouse, kids, colleagues, strangers, customers, and many more.

The constant demand to keep up with learning can be stressful at times.

"Why am I doing this?" is the common question residing behind the back of our mind.
"Have I to learn this?" is another popular question too.

The boss wants this and the customers want that.
The desire to satisfy the wants of people becomes meaningless if done improperly.

The proper way to think and handle this issue is to be clear of why we are doing this!

Whatever we learn, we learn it for ourselves.
It is to enable us to stay useful to society, especially in times of recession.
It allows us to contribute actively to our work and environment.

We are doing it for ourselves. We gain the value.
We feel complete.

We do not do it for our boss, and neither for others.

We learn to serve others through being productive and adding value.
We can do that only when we gain knowledge and skills.

It should be inner to external in approach.
The mindset should be to constantly improve and stay relevant.

This is the only guarantee for our meaningful stay on earth.
Do you agree?


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Elder Does Not Mean Better

As we grow older, we experienced more things and events. These causes us to have more knowledge and the ability to give good judgement and advise.

But does it necessary be true all the times?

This question crossed my mind when I witnessed a case involving a parent teaching her daughter upper elementary math.

The daughter was trying to avoid a certain math question that involves ratio. The mother seeing the problem confronted the kid and discover that the question was challenging.

She tried to work that out thinking that at an upper elementary level, the math question should not be difficult to solve,and was wondering why the kid was "running"away from it.

Half an hour passed by with the mother still struggling with the question. Some thing went really wrong!

What was surprising was that the daughter sensing that her mother wasn't able to solve it, took up the challenge instead of avoiding it now.

After staring at the paper for about 3 minutes or so, she wrote something out of logic, something not that mathematical, but with the answer from only 4 steps of working.

She outdid her mother!

What this event proved was that given the correct attitude, any person can come out better solution and idea. Experience is good but not all.

It also goes to show that one have to keep on learning and staying mentally active. It does not always mean that being elderly has the call and advantage.

It is a race and everyone can catch up with you at any time. Fierce message, right?

Do not despair. Just do what is right and proper. It is sufficient to keep you happy and comfortable. Cheers!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Purpose of Self-Improvement

When you are a kid, you attend school to be taught new knowledge and skills.

When you are a grown-up, you base on the self-learning skill picked up in school to continue with upgrading.

Why do you keep on learning, even without a teacher?

Is it for money or power?
Is it for fame?

All the above may be true.

But what actually is the intrinsic reason for your motivation to better yourself?

It gives you a sense of living on this earth.
A sense that you understand the surrounding happenings.

Why does the sun rises and set?
Why does rainbow form after rain?
How does bacteria comes about?
How does plant grows?
How does electricity flow in a circuit board?
What are marbles make of?
Why are some people more nasty than others?

Knowing more information gives you ability to talk or chat with others, and share your views.
You are able to interact positively. It gives you social attachment.

Learning and improving yourself make you a "person", compared to a zombie.

The more you learn, the more you experience, whether through the hard way of making mistakes or smooth sailing.

You pass on the skills to younger generation for them to add value to existing.

You make the world move on by contributing through self-improvement.

With regards to rewards, they will come naturally (sooner or later).
Even when the rewards are little, the true rewards are the satisfaction of living well and proper.
The reward of seeing people you share knowledge smile is a big enough motivation to pick up new things.

Real improvement is internal and has to be initiated with good intention.
The purpose of self-improvement, is thus, to make the world a better place to live in.

Have a nice, happy stay. Cheers to self-improvement!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Resistance To New Learning Areas

Everybody has some form of inertia within. The reluctance to move out of the comfort zone is a well-known fact.

This inhibits progress. This makes one stagnant in knowledge.

Information is ever-changing in this era of fast moving society. When you stop, you will lack behind with growing margin depending on stoppage duration. Frightening, right?

Never start, never learn. This is key to removing the resistance of learning.

Take it as a personal exposure disregarding any repercussion that may come along. Do not fear venturing into new areas. After all what can be lost compared to staying put?

Think on the positive side that you are looking for excitement. Excitement is the element that keeps the day fun and bright, besides making it meaningful.

Why hold yourself back?

Even making mistakes along the way is good lesson learnt. You will find fulfillment. Trust me (and yourself).

With information comes knowledge. With knowledge comes application. It is this process of thought within learning that propel you forward and making the "discomfort" zone comfortable.

Forming a habit to move on, picking up new things along the journey will reduce the inertia and resistance to see and experience fresh information.

Just remind yourself that there is nothing to lose by capturing knowledge that is abundant nowadays.

Feel free mentally. Remove the mental block and fly over any obstacle that lies ahead.

Happy self-improvement. Cheers!