Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Personal Character Matters

Have you ever come across someone who can do wonderful things, producing innovative products or speak very well?

Does he give you a good and deep impression?

Do you envy him for his work?

If all these came with the knowledge that he has bad character, how do you answer the above questions?

I believe everyone will like to have companion or friends that have good, acceptable personal character.

This is with disregard for his productivity or creativity.

If he is approachable and friendly, he will be accepted. Talking to him will be barrier-free.

When the person is nasty but can produce good results, he will only be treasure for his work. Nothing more beyond that. The respect accorded to him will be limited to the workplace.

Personal character matters and is a long term investment for anyone.

Example of caring for others and showing concern is a good virtue. It goes to show the internal beauty of a person. The character will be rewarded with sincere friends who will share their true views and opinion with you.

Good character is hard to come by, having to develop it through a long term consistent practice. It embeds into the mind of anyone who practice this.

Prudent people will value character more than actual outcome, besides business-sense.


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