Sunday, April 12, 2009

Self-Improvement | Doing for Your Good

In this era of fast pace, high demanding life style, we are super robots to cater to many "wishes".

The "wishes" may come from our boss (if not only one), spouse, kids, colleagues, strangers, customers, and many more.

The constant demand to keep up with learning can be stressful at times.

"Why am I doing this?" is the common question residing behind the back of our mind.
"Have I to learn this?" is another popular question too.

The boss wants this and the customers want that.
The desire to satisfy the wants of people becomes meaningless if done improperly.

The proper way to think and handle this issue is to be clear of why we are doing this!

Whatever we learn, we learn it for ourselves.
It is to enable us to stay useful to society, especially in times of recession.
It allows us to contribute actively to our work and environment.

We are doing it for ourselves. We gain the value.
We feel complete.

We do not do it for our boss, and neither for others.

We learn to serve others through being productive and adding value.
We can do that only when we gain knowledge and skills.

It should be inner to external in approach.
The mindset should be to constantly improve and stay relevant.

This is the only guarantee for our meaningful stay on earth.
Do you agree?



Anonymous said...

I do agree with all the views on this post.Life should be well lived.Good article.We have similar thoughts :-)

Happy Person said...


Thanks for your kind comments.

Living life 100% is a good reminder to all of us to fully appreciate the breadth and heart beat in us. Besides that working with others form an integral art of living. Contribute and serve to live equally well. 100% all the way, cheers!