Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patience Helps

Patience as the word implies means going slow.

In this days of neck-breaking pace of work and learning, we are squeezed out of our juices to deliver whatever we are expected to.

Is it healthy ultimately?

The answer may not be the same for everyone.

Thus, in order to stay sane, and healthy, physically and mentally, we need to constantly review our daily schedule and workload.

We know that this is common knowledge, and everyone is trying to do that or at least aiming for it. But how?

The solution may not be easy. It calls for some mindset and behavioural change.

We, as human, think. But if pressurized to perform, the thinking process may not be optimised.

The best solution is to slow down or in any word, practice patience.

Patience allows us to cool down and review the borders of any given tasks and challenges.
Patience let us see things in many angles.
Patience makes us a cautious person.

Having patience means that we can be efficient. By practicing it, we are able to avoid troubles and mistakes since we are able to see things in perspective as opposed to "rushing" out the assignments.

"Patience is a good virtue" as the website reflects.
It is very true.

Patience can guide us into being a better person, a natural way towards self-improvement.

In time of conflict of ideas, patience in speaking out and defending them, makes the difference between a practical, down to earth solution or agreement against a short term, "saving the face" outcome.

A person with patience demonstrates an elevated level of maturity and confidence.
It takes time, though, to achieve that.

In summary, amidst the fast pace living style nowadays, do remember to strive for patience to balance your inner self.

I hope you agree.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mindset of Trying

I was talking to a young girl one day about fish feeding.

She asked "Can we feed the fish using wooden sawdust?"

I was shocked at the question, and replied "No!, the fishes may die?"

She responded "Have you tried?"

This forced me to ponder for a moment.

What this young girl asked was a very important message in life.

Sometimes in life, if we do not try, we will not get the answer.

What surprised me further is the young girl's following statement...

She, with a clear voice, stated
"Sometimes a CAN becomes a CANNOT because we never try."

It rings a bell in my mind. A clear statement, and an intelligent one!

Yes, a mindset of trying is a valuable asset we need to embrace.
Without trying, everything remains the same. There will not be any improvement. Life goes on without excitement and new inventions.

But with trying, we can at least be assured that new things, concepts or ideas are generated. Even if they are not applied now, there will be in the future.

Think about it.

(I wonder if there is anymore such young girls around.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Using Common Sense

Everyone has the ability to reason logic in their thinking.
Some practice this often, while some hardly.

Sometimes, we meet with problems that are way beyond our comprehension, and to find a solution to them may take awhile.

What do you do then?
The answer is use your common sense.

Use what has been done many times and use what has been proven fine.

Our experience forms our common sense, though.
Common sense does not pop out from nothing.

It is the accumulation of daily happenings onto us that forms our knowledge base.
With different exposure, different experience forms.

Different people will come out different solution to a problem.

Hence, having varied exposure to many happenings help us come out suitable answer or solution.

Therefore to aid in your ability to come out answers to questions and challenges, strive to expose yourself to many changing environment and tasks. They will force you to think in a different scope and setting.

With varied constraints come varied outlook to problems. With different outlooks, come different experiences.

This is the skill need that will be long-lasting.

Thus, use your common sense to look at things. It widens your experience!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Treasure Every Moment You Live

Any thing can come and go. We can choose to ignore them or appreciate them.

Kids when grown up can never go back to being babies again. The moment had passed.

When a strong breeze flows by, with the leaves gliding down, the unique moment can never be returned exactly as it was. The moment had passed.

When we deal with a person, the statement we said out can never be reversed without any implication.

Once any event ended, the event, literally, ended. It can never be made the same again.

Thus, treasure any moment we have.

I came across a post that touches my heart, and which triggers me to write this post.
Click here for this gorgeous post.

In life, we come across many occasions that are unique in itself. Think a bit and look at the things beside us. See and feel the people around us. Touch the items that we long by-pass for good. The feel itself can be marvellous.

Treasure every bite of food that we put into our mouth, for the taste may never come back exactly as it is.

Appreciation of things done for us and for others is a way to groom us to be a gentle and wholesome being.

Self-improve towards this direction and you will find a calmness within yourself.

Enjoy your moment.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Be Realistic With Yourself and Others

There is a trap when you set goals for yourself and others.

Ambition and lack of patience may be the causes. Aiming too high without due concern for resources (time and necessary skills) can make or break the outcome.

Planning carefully, covering as many aspects of the objectives, will be a wiser approach when dealing with setting goals.

Ultimately, be realistic, especially when the outcome involves many others too.

Check the time frame to pick up new skills and the resources needed along the process.
Cater for the learning journey.
Factor in human behaviour towards challenging tasks.
Look into yourself,and your confidence level to complete the mission.

Be truly you.
Again, be realistic.

But what if the setting is fixed and has to progress on?

Firstly, do not point finger.
This will cause more harm than saving the situation. At times of this stressful condition, everyone needs motivation to get on.

Secondly, have an open communication.
Keeping to yourself and doing it alone will be tough. Communicate your ideas as you go along. Others may have better strategies to manage the problems or process. Open communication in the genuine sense, makes for better long-term rapport later on.
Even when no solutions can be found for the questions, as least you know that you have tried finding for one. Hunt for another approach. Internet, magazines, forum, etc are good places to get information leads.

Thirdly, know that you have to do it and avoid negative thoughts.
Staying positive is a good sign to progress. Negative thoughts will only pull you down or slow your down. Be strong. Know that you are a better person with every steps ahead. Even failure is a little lesson in itself. Staying stagnant, and blaming the situation is not productive. Things will not move forward if wrong thoughts fused into your thinking.

Being mature and realistic, though not easy, is also not difficult to handle. Just stay positive.
Self-motivate yourself consistently.

Even when the whole thing does not make it finally, I guarantee that you have achieve much internally through going the tough road. It is the strength within you that make a better you. Develop it!

Cheers to self-improvement!