Saturday, May 2, 2009

Be Realistic With Yourself and Others

There is a trap when you set goals for yourself and others.

Ambition and lack of patience may be the causes. Aiming too high without due concern for resources (time and necessary skills) can make or break the outcome.

Planning carefully, covering as many aspects of the objectives, will be a wiser approach when dealing with setting goals.

Ultimately, be realistic, especially when the outcome involves many others too.

Check the time frame to pick up new skills and the resources needed along the process.
Cater for the learning journey.
Factor in human behaviour towards challenging tasks.
Look into yourself,and your confidence level to complete the mission.

Be truly you.
Again, be realistic.

But what if the setting is fixed and has to progress on?

Firstly, do not point finger.
This will cause more harm than saving the situation. At times of this stressful condition, everyone needs motivation to get on.

Secondly, have an open communication.
Keeping to yourself and doing it alone will be tough. Communicate your ideas as you go along. Others may have better strategies to manage the problems or process. Open communication in the genuine sense, makes for better long-term rapport later on.
Even when no solutions can be found for the questions, as least you know that you have tried finding for one. Hunt for another approach. Internet, magazines, forum, etc are good places to get information leads.

Thirdly, know that you have to do it and avoid negative thoughts.
Staying positive is a good sign to progress. Negative thoughts will only pull you down or slow your down. Be strong. Know that you are a better person with every steps ahead. Even failure is a little lesson in itself. Staying stagnant, and blaming the situation is not productive. Things will not move forward if wrong thoughts fused into your thinking.

Being mature and realistic, though not easy, is also not difficult to handle. Just stay positive.
Self-motivate yourself consistently.

Even when the whole thing does not make it finally, I guarantee that you have achieve much internally through going the tough road. It is the strength within you that make a better you. Develop it!

Cheers to self-improvement!


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