Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Purpose of Learning

Self-improvement of oneself is a noble cause.

It allows us to grow to contribute and share.

Learning comes with an objective.

"Where will the learning be applied?" takes the main role in every development.

However, in real life, do we really follow what is mentioned above?

We go for training every now and then.
We learn new things, picked up new knowledge, and return back to where we are and then ....

We filled up our minds with unnecessary things as a result.
If we do not make use of our learning, then why are we learning?

Learning has to have deliverable.
It gets us working through the effort we put into developing ourselves.

If there is learning, but no application for it, we have only one thing to do.
That is, DO NOT attend the learning.

To keep us clear-minded and focus on the current, we have to stay clear in our thoughts.
All the saying of upgrading and improving ourselves do not hold water if we go for these "trainings" and come back status quo.

It is simply plain wastage of time and money (if any).
It causes our brain to create a false impression of ourselves improving.

The end result should be the applications of what we have picked up and situation changes for the better.
This is true learning.

Hence, go for improvement when you have a real need for it.
That is the purpose of learning, a simple logic.

Cheers!   :-)