Sunday, May 25, 2008

Silence Is Golden, Or Is it?

The saying "Silence is golden" has long existed. Silence reduces conflicts. Silence prevents escalation of troubles. Silence .... Silence.... and silence.

No doubt, silence when applied appropriately at the correct instance, is golden. It may even be 100% pure!

But is it good to apply it at all times?

As far as learning is concerned, it may not be good, especially when help is available.

What good is there when questions in the mind are not answered, by keeping quiet? Lack of confidence or lack of self-esteem?

When questions are not answered, nothing new is being learned. Silence is detrimental here!

Some may think that by asking questions to clarify means revealing of stupidity. It may.

But do you want to be stupid for that moment only, or stupid for the rest of your life?

It takes courage to ask questions. It may diminish self-confidence when others stared at you.

But what does it matters when acquiring new knowledge is concerned?

Break the silence, and ask. It is free!

In fact, after the asking and getting a response, you will feel better and with confidence boosted.

ASKING is GOLDEN (in the learning context).

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect - Be careful!

"Practice makes perfect", a well-known phrase to remind people of its importance, has to be taken care of in its correct sense.

What correct sense?

If we identified a skill to be perfected, we practice till it serves its purpose. We can finally apply the skill learned to other cause or solve problems with it. This is making correct sense of practising till perfection (if any near).

However, if we did not clearly identify the skill or goal to achieve, or the details to be mastered, and continue with the practice, we are aimlessly going into a dark tunnel. Practice what to perfection?

"Practice makes perfection" has meaning if we know what we are aiming at.

If we are unclear of the objectives, we may be practising the wrong thing. Practising with the wrong or unwanted skill to perfection is thus a wastage of effort and time.

"Practice makes perfect" therefore rightly saying is "Correct practice makes perfect".

This ensures that the end result will be a skill that is wanted and is perfect (or near to it).

Keep your mind clear.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Look On The Bright Side Of Things

Many things affect us in our daily life. Work, friends, colleague, travel, emails, bosses, environment, and the list can go on.

There are, therefore, many ups and downs along the way.

The "ups" will brighten our days while the "downs" will dampen it.

Can we avoid them?

We cannot. But we can choose how to look at them.

We can select those that we like to see. There is the bright and the dark side of any thing.

Which do you prefer?

Look at the bright side!

This is easily said and most of us know it. But we do harbour the "bad" thoughts even when we know we should not.

How then do we REALLY look at the bright side?

Practice and constantly be aware of your mental state. Be discipline. It is your life!

It is hard sometimes to swallow negative feelings, but, with practice to focus on the nice side of things, the time taken to reverse the mental and emotional situation can be shortened.

Have always some memories of good incidence ready to replace any bad things that crops up. Flush the bad things out and fill the mind with quality stuff.

Stay away from the negative side or look at beautiful pictures or hum a silent tune.

Strive to change your mood when you are in the corner or finding imminent dark things coming your way. Your reaction towards these will be better handled with a cheerful heart.

We have only one life. Enjoy it through a bright outlook.

Cheers! Have a nice day aaaaahead!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Every Action Has Consequences

Action and reaction comes hand-in-hand.

The results that occur after an action may, however, not be predictable.

But consequences will result, however small (or big) it is.

To be a better person, we must know the above message.

A slight and tiny action of ours may cause a big "case" later on. Nobody knows!

If this "case" did appear immediately, it may appear later. And worse when the person causing it is already not around (or has resigned).

Therefore, though the consequences may not appear to the person's knowledge, and may seem not to exist, it is because somebody may have taken the "case".

The consequence may not be always bad though. It can also be a good "case". The credit therefore may end up with the lucky person.

Do think, thus, of any consequences, especially if it results in a bad one, before carrying out the action. Plan properly and with due consideration to the people around you.

A better person is not born overnight. It takes practice and understanding of people and the environment before a good action can be carried out with the least disruption to others.

Learn to consider. Cheers to a better and happy life!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nobody Is Good At Everything

Have you try to be good at everything your friend is good at?

Have you seen and wish to emulate those people who seems to be good at anything?

Do you feel inferior to others because they are better than you?

My message is "Do not despair. We are not superhuman."

Each individuals are simply unique and different.

All human has weakness, as well as, strength.

Those that seem to be good at anything is not exactly what they appear to be. They seem to be good because they presented the good things! What they are weak at, they keep.

It is not wrong, though, to keep the weakness. It is because, since it is their weakness, what else can they do with it or contribute to the betterment of self or others?

They may be improving on it, getting it ready for "launch" at the appropriate time.

Therefore, do not be overly worried or stressed that you are below the mark. Nobody is good at everything. You have your own strength that may be the weakness of others. It is, thus, your duty to discover that unique strengths of yours, that you quietly possess, and to demonstrate them.

It is not for show that you apply these strength of yours. Use it to solve problems or improve on existing. Stay modest!

Know that you are human, and that you can be good at anything you choose and set target for.

We are equal.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Seeing Values In People Make Us A Better Person

There are two categories of people when judging of others is concern.

The two types are:
  1. Those who see fault in people
  2. Those who see value in others

All people have strength and weakness. It is the proportion of these two elements that differentiate a person. The ratio, however, do varies from phase to phase in a person's life.

Judging a person's capability by identifying their fault is a one-sided view. If it is done fast, it become worse.

What do they gain?

Improve self-esteem at the expense of others? Or a sense of greatness by digging out faults of others?

Are they happy finally with sincere friends? I do not think so.

How about those that look for values in people?

I believe they are better accepted by others. In identifying the values of people, they are indirectly encouraging relationship building. They work towards team co-operation. They synergize.

Seeing values is equivalent to positiveness in one's outlook.

It enhances the belief in a person to move forward using his strength as oppose to focusing on his weakness which may hinder progress.

Therefore, looking out for values in a person is a good sign of self-improvement for oneself. It is a win-win case of working relationship.

Though people has their flaws in some matters, banking on this does no good to a long term relationship. Focus on what we and others can contribute with our strength or value is the ultimate aim.

It will ensure happy days ahead.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy People Attracts Others

Have you been in a situation where there are hostile people around?

How about being around sad and grumpy people?

Or lively and happy people?

In all these situations, I believe, you will prefer to be always in the company of the latter category.

Why is it so?

We, as human, will always want peace of mind. We want people who can make us relax and happy.

As such, should we not be happy to have a surrounding of people who supports the same cause?

We may have friends who we can share woes with.

However, if we consistently share "bad personal news" with them, do you think they will stay with you long?

If we are temperament and have occasional mode swing, do you think people will be attracted to us?

No! They will support and understand our emotional hiccups once a while, but for a long period of these undesirable behaviour, they will definitely move away and avoid us. They have their own worries to take care of.

Being happy is thus a benefit in term of drawing friends or partners to you.

Even if there is nothing to be happy about, at least stay positive.

In the working world, we interact with many people. Having a good working relationship with people therefore becomes a must. Team-work is essential and getting people to work happily with us becomes crucial. A hostile and negative person will not have this merit.

An advice, then, for anyone having personal woes is to keep them at home and not always bringing them to the workplace or office. Stay happy and isolate personal matters from work.

Strive to be happy by resolving problems upfront or reducing those that cannot be controlled.

Just remember, "Happy people attracts others".