Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy People Attracts Others

Have you been in a situation where there are hostile people around?

How about being around sad and grumpy people?

Or lively and happy people?

In all these situations, I believe, you will prefer to be always in the company of the latter category.

Why is it so?

We, as human, will always want peace of mind. We want people who can make us relax and happy.

As such, should we not be happy to have a surrounding of people who supports the same cause?

We may have friends who we can share woes with.

However, if we consistently share "bad personal news" with them, do you think they will stay with you long?

If we are temperament and have occasional mode swing, do you think people will be attracted to us?

No! They will support and understand our emotional hiccups once a while, but for a long period of these undesirable behaviour, they will definitely move away and avoid us. They have their own worries to take care of.

Being happy is thus a benefit in term of drawing friends or partners to you.

Even if there is nothing to be happy about, at least stay positive.

In the working world, we interact with many people. Having a good working relationship with people therefore becomes a must. Team-work is essential and getting people to work happily with us becomes crucial. A hostile and negative person will not have this merit.

An advice, then, for anyone having personal woes is to keep them at home and not always bringing them to the workplace or office. Stay happy and isolate personal matters from work.

Strive to be happy by resolving problems upfront or reducing those that cannot be controlled.

Just remember, "Happy people attracts others".


anhedonix said...

i just love the topic you have put up and how it goes about, very nice and neat.

Jacklyn Ker said...

Yes Irene,

The Law Attraction works! That is also why negative people attract negative people and they sink together! Let us spread more positive vibes around to influence as many people as possible.

Have an awesome weekend!