Saturday, May 3, 2008

Seeing Values In People Make Us A Better Person

There are two categories of people when judging of others is concern.

The two types are:
  1. Those who see fault in people
  2. Those who see value in others

All people have strength and weakness. It is the proportion of these two elements that differentiate a person. The ratio, however, do varies from phase to phase in a person's life.

Judging a person's capability by identifying their fault is a one-sided view. If it is done fast, it become worse.

What do they gain?

Improve self-esteem at the expense of others? Or a sense of greatness by digging out faults of others?

Are they happy finally with sincere friends? I do not think so.

How about those that look for values in people?

I believe they are better accepted by others. In identifying the values of people, they are indirectly encouraging relationship building. They work towards team co-operation. They synergize.

Seeing values is equivalent to positiveness in one's outlook.

It enhances the belief in a person to move forward using his strength as oppose to focusing on his weakness which may hinder progress.

Therefore, looking out for values in a person is a good sign of self-improvement for oneself. It is a win-win case of working relationship.

Though people has their flaws in some matters, banking on this does no good to a long term relationship. Focus on what we and others can contribute with our strength or value is the ultimate aim.

It will ensure happy days ahead.


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