Thursday, May 15, 2008

Every Action Has Consequences

Action and reaction comes hand-in-hand.

The results that occur after an action may, however, not be predictable.

But consequences will result, however small (or big) it is.

To be a better person, we must know the above message.

A slight and tiny action of ours may cause a big "case" later on. Nobody knows!

If this "case" did appear immediately, it may appear later. And worse when the person causing it is already not around (or has resigned).

Therefore, though the consequences may not appear to the person's knowledge, and may seem not to exist, it is because somebody may have taken the "case".

The consequence may not be always bad though. It can also be a good "case". The credit therefore may end up with the lucky person.

Do think, thus, of any consequences, especially if it results in a bad one, before carrying out the action. Plan properly and with due consideration to the people around you.

A better person is not born overnight. It takes practice and understanding of people and the environment before a good action can be carried out with the least disruption to others.

Learn to consider. Cheers to a better and happy life!


Diane Scott said...

This might also go with the saying, "Be careful what you wish for..."

My thought is that you need to first be happy with the way you are, then change is possible - if even needed.

Thanks, enjoyed me visit via Blogcatalog!

Happy Person said...

Yes, it is true to be careful what we wish for. Sometimes we are unknowingly imposing onto others things that seem to have no relationship with them. Therefore maturity in dealing with people is an important skill that we should pick up.