Saturday, May 17, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect - Be careful!

"Practice makes perfect", a well-known phrase to remind people of its importance, has to be taken care of in its correct sense.

What correct sense?

If we identified a skill to be perfected, we practice till it serves its purpose. We can finally apply the skill learned to other cause or solve problems with it. This is making correct sense of practising till perfection (if any near).

However, if we did not clearly identify the skill or goal to achieve, or the details to be mastered, and continue with the practice, we are aimlessly going into a dark tunnel. Practice what to perfection?

"Practice makes perfection" has meaning if we know what we are aiming at.

If we are unclear of the objectives, we may be practising the wrong thing. Practising with the wrong or unwanted skill to perfection is thus a wastage of effort and time.

"Practice makes perfect" therefore rightly saying is "Correct practice makes perfect".

This ensures that the end result will be a skill that is wanted and is perfect (or near to it).

Keep your mind clear.

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