Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nobody Is Good At Everything

Have you try to be good at everything your friend is good at?

Have you seen and wish to emulate those people who seems to be good at anything?

Do you feel inferior to others because they are better than you?

My message is "Do not despair. We are not superhuman."

Each individuals are simply unique and different.

All human has weakness, as well as, strength.

Those that seem to be good at anything is not exactly what they appear to be. They seem to be good because they presented the good things! What they are weak at, they keep.

It is not wrong, though, to keep the weakness. It is because, since it is their weakness, what else can they do with it or contribute to the betterment of self or others?

They may be improving on it, getting it ready for "launch" at the appropriate time.

Therefore, do not be overly worried or stressed that you are below the mark. Nobody is good at everything. You have your own strength that may be the weakness of others. It is, thus, your duty to discover that unique strengths of yours, that you quietly possess, and to demonstrate them.

It is not for show that you apply these strength of yours. Use it to solve problems or improve on existing. Stay modest!

Know that you are human, and that you can be good at anything you choose and set target for.

We are equal.


Yoshi said...

"Just like everyone else, you are unique".

Totally agree with the post - There's no point doing a lot of things that you aren't strong in.

In my opinion you should play to your strengths, as they will always define and refine who you are. Don't forget your weaknesses, but just don't focus on building weaknesses more than building your strengths

And for those who don't know what their strengths are, that's ok - you'll eventually find one, and when you do, you'll know what it is - it cannot be explained, you just know!

terry said...

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