Sunday, May 25, 2008

Silence Is Golden, Or Is it?

The saying "Silence is golden" has long existed. Silence reduces conflicts. Silence prevents escalation of troubles. Silence .... Silence.... and silence.

No doubt, silence when applied appropriately at the correct instance, is golden. It may even be 100% pure!

But is it good to apply it at all times?

As far as learning is concerned, it may not be good, especially when help is available.

What good is there when questions in the mind are not answered, by keeping quiet? Lack of confidence or lack of self-esteem?

When questions are not answered, nothing new is being learned. Silence is detrimental here!

Some may think that by asking questions to clarify means revealing of stupidity. It may.

But do you want to be stupid for that moment only, or stupid for the rest of your life?

It takes courage to ask questions. It may diminish self-confidence when others stared at you.

But what does it matters when acquiring new knowledge is concerned?

Break the silence, and ask. It is free!

In fact, after the asking and getting a response, you will feel better and with confidence boosted.

ASKING is GOLDEN (in the learning context).


Jessica said...

Nice posting!!!
Our passion, dreams, and vision is to know who we are, and when we refuse to give them the space to expand in our minds and hearts, something dies inside us.

Akira said...

The other day I went to University Hospital, PJ for a dental consultation. I was shocked to read the price table that they charge RM50 for consultation alone. I did hint about it to the registration staff. She either didn't hear me or didn't understand me. Luckily as I proceeded into the waiting room, I asked again this time to a dentist trainee at the hospital. Apparently, I only need to pay that RM4 for registration and consultation was free. Fuh... Asking really saves lifes. LoL. At a point, I actually decided to turn around and leave. I wouldn't know the answer and will always be thinking UH actually charges as much as private clinics.

EeHai said...

Wow, akira
you are really lucky to have asked. If you have not, another impression will be formed. Asking at an appropriate time is a simple way to extract new information. If done humbly, I believe, we can progress fast just by asking.

Jenz Iggo said...

Yes asking would be a better approach, rather silencing out and gain no knowledge.

My opinion is that silence is truly golden, when you shut tongue from saying things you are not supposed to say: be it hurting comments, crappy ideas, selfish boasting, or talking highly about things you never do or dont know of.

Nice post.