Friday, March 13, 2009

Simple Trick To Stay Happy

Ever wonder how people stay happy?

It is not that difficult if you know how.

First, you have to know what make you unhappy. Or just read your feeling and you know it.
Second, you need to know who will make you unhappy. Your feeling will tell you too.

After knowing all these, what do you do if you have no choice but to be around them?

Just shut them off, mentally.

If things are not to your taste and are disturbing, remove them.

- You can choose to simply ignore them, or courteously smile and move away.

- You can even "shut your ears" (the non-physical type), and pretend you are listening.

- You can temporary store what you hear and see when they are around, but flush them out after they are out of sight.

Stick with things you like and that will make you comfortable.
Comfort will relax your mind and body to sustain your energy for the day.

This action will make you happy.

This trick will keep you healthy for a long time.

Try it. Stay happy.