Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Solving Problems With a New Mindset

Have you ever tried solving a sticking problem but went round and round without clearing the issue?

It makes you angry, right?
I bet!

But do not despair. It may be due to the approach that you applied.

When you encounter a problem, it is normally because your concept or technique is wrong or inappropriate.

When you use back the same mindset to solve the problem, you are actually using back the wrong tools that created the problem.

Maintaining the same level of mindset is also another mistake you made.

Holding back to the same level to solve the issue cannot allow you to see the issue at an elevated platform.
Sometimes, you need to stand higher up to link up a bigger picture before you can actually notice the error or loophole within.

Changing your mindset and its level to resolve issue is key to improving yourself.

Linking steps before and around the current situation is a skill that is needed to have a smooth and systematic approach to problem-solving.

Be aware that there are always many other ways to look at a problem.
Be flexible and look at things from many angles.

You will, then, find that solving problems an enjoyable challenge.

Cheers and many problem-solving!    :)


Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Simple Way to Exercise the Brain

Our brain needs exercise to develop the numerous "links" within the hemispheres.

One simple way that can be done anytime and anywhere is to think out small little challnege that is fun to yourself.

The purpose is to motivate you to THINK.

Thinking forces you to exercise the brain.

One example is shown below:

From the diagram shown, how many items can be deduced from it?

My answers:
  • window grilles
  • tic-tac-toe
  • tiles
  • rubik cubes
  • piles of boxes
  • walls (looking from the top)
Any more that you can think of?

This exercise can produce a genius out of anyone. The more items you can produce the better you are.
Try with other diagrams.
It will not change you overnight. You know better.
But over a certain period of time, you will definitely grow in the "intelligent" direction.

You will be able to see "more" things and reason better.

Have a try today...  and please do share your answers of the above diagram through commenting.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Being Better With Instability

Everyone likes to stay comfortable and safe. No change is best.

This mindset is fine last century, but not this one!

Having a stable life without constant change is good, temporary.
A long term stagnation, however, is not healthy.

It forces you to relax and becomes lathargic.

You have to understand that the world is changing everyday.
Everyone works hard to earn a living.
Everyone studies hard (or smart) to have a better life.
Everyone improves hoping to be better.

If you stay put and look at others go by, you will be left behind, relatively, even if you are not losing your ability.

People are always catching up. They are moving ahead each and every other day, hour and minute.

Be instable. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Be insecure!

Being instable makes you want to stabilise.
You start to compare and set reference.
You start to see things in details.
You want to catch up so that you will be on par.
You want to be the same as other, for the sake of comfort.
You move with them, the constntly improving ones.

Hence, being instable is actually being stable. Ironical, right?

Taking a break and resting (for a short while) is good. But too long a period becomes deterimental to your future.

Improve through being instable. It helps.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Resting Is Beneficial To Us

Given the demanding pace of this new era, everyone may at times feel tired and stressful.

This is normal if you are human.

"Look ahead to see if you can last long", this is a common question that pops up often either through yourself or through your colleagues.

Health and the mental mind goes hand in hand.

The body supports the mind, as well as the mind supports the body.
As long as one party fails, the other suffers.

To keep both in check, we NEED to rest.
Taking a break occasionally is good and a must.

When you feel restless, it is time to cool down and rest the body and mind.

Recover for the future.

Work will never end.
Homework will be forever.
Assignment will always be waiting for you.

Your health WILL end.
Our mission is to make it last longer.

Learn to stay physically and mentally fit.
Take a break regularly.
Tell yourself that you deserve it.
It is not cheating on others.
It is life and death.

It is good for your future, to last long to continue to contribute.
It is to rest so that you will enjoy the coming life.

Take care and stay happy.

:) :D :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What Is Happiness?

This is a simple question.

But not many can get the correct answer.

In fact, I do not think there is any correct answer.

Why so?

It is because I believe, happiness changes with time and is individual on a case-by-case basis.

Happiness is a journey and not an end.

Many factors come into making a person happy.
But they may not apply the next day.
They changes with the mood.

Realising this message will therefore be a good indicator of our mental and emotional behaviour besides that of other people we deal with.

We live in a society of people. Each individuals are unique. It is an amazing world we live in.

By looking on the bright side of things, we are better tuned to stay happy. If it is not so, at least, we are not that sad.

It is our mindset that plays with our emotion. We have a choice. We have a brain.
Unless we are unable to control our mental state, which at times are possible, we are "off" the track.

Keep this behavioural pattern in check, and practice with conscious awareness.

But all said, one important thing that will not change is "We are still human."

If you make any bad comments or mistakes that disturb others, sincerely apologise later on after you come back to normal.

This showed that you are human, and you will feel better (and happier). Others will respect you for it, as they also make mistakes and also wish to be forgiving and happy too.