Saturday, August 1, 2009

What Is Happiness?

This is a simple question.

But not many can get the correct answer.

In fact, I do not think there is any correct answer.

Why so?

It is because I believe, happiness changes with time and is individual on a case-by-case basis.

Happiness is a journey and not an end.

Many factors come into making a person happy.
But they may not apply the next day.
They changes with the mood.

Realising this message will therefore be a good indicator of our mental and emotional behaviour besides that of other people we deal with.

We live in a society of people. Each individuals are unique. It is an amazing world we live in.

By looking on the bright side of things, we are better tuned to stay happy. If it is not so, at least, we are not that sad.

It is our mindset that plays with our emotion. We have a choice. We have a brain.
Unless we are unable to control our mental state, which at times are possible, we are "off" the track.

Keep this behavioural pattern in check, and practice with conscious awareness.

But all said, one important thing that will not change is "We are still human."

If you make any bad comments or mistakes that disturb others, sincerely apologise later on after you come back to normal.

This showed that you are human, and you will feel better (and happier). Others will respect you for it, as they also make mistakes and also wish to be forgiving and happy too.


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