Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Simple Way to Exercise the Brain

Our brain needs exercise to develop the numerous "links" within the hemispheres.

One simple way that can be done anytime and anywhere is to think out small little challnege that is fun to yourself.

The purpose is to motivate you to THINK.

Thinking forces you to exercise the brain.

One example is shown below:

From the diagram shown, how many items can be deduced from it?

My answers:
  • window grilles
  • tic-tac-toe
  • tiles
  • rubik cubes
  • piles of boxes
  • walls (looking from the top)
Any more that you can think of?

This exercise can produce a genius out of anyone. The more items you can produce the better you are.
Try with other diagrams.
It will not change you overnight. You know better.
But over a certain period of time, you will definitely grow in the "intelligent" direction.

You will be able to see "more" things and reason better.

Have a try today...  and please do share your answers of the above diagram through commenting.

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