Friday, February 12, 2010

Focusing On The Positive Aspect

Everyday do you find yourself being bombarded with new things?

Do you often feel overloaded with information?

Or are you asked to carry out tasks meaningless to you?

To stay sane and happy, there is one thing you have to do.

==> Focus on the POSITIVE side of things.

In any situation, some goodies are hidden. It is up to us to look for them.

Let me tell you a real life story of mine.

I was once asked to dismantle a number of test jigs. I felt rotten, being asked to do things not in line with the main job in the production line. I was a trainee then, and such, this is a starting point, I presumed.

I performed the given assignment.

However, as I was taking apart the panels and connectors, I found out that the test jigs were hooked up in a special way. At that moment I discovered that I have learned a new thing without a teacher.

If I had closed my mind and attitude towards the "meaningless" task given, I would be skimming through a pile of rubbish. I would not notice the good stuff.

Later, I was asked to connect up a new tester for a new product, with another technician. I applied the method I picked up while dismantling the test jigs.

And surprise, the tester that I hooked up worked!
And my counterpart didn't!

From that experience, I discovered that no matter what task you do, focus on the bright side of things as it is lurking there to be discovered by us.

Focus on the positive aspect and not dwell on the dull side.



Friday, February 5, 2010

Honesty Removes Relational Barrier

Ever wonder why some people has more friends than others?

And that you find some people easier to talk to or you are comfortable talking to?

It may not be instantaneous, but comes after some period of knowing the person.

Why is it so?

One reason lies in that the person you dealt with consistently give you reliable and honest information. The information shared is straightly frank.

Or a honest answer without the need to dig into hidden agenda.

In these days of hectic and chaotic lifestyle, having a honest answer makes you feel comfortable. You need not have to think hard. There are more things and matters requiring your attention.

I believe all these scenarios are not unfamiliar to you.

Being truthful and honest has its value.

If you practice and believe in this form of behaviour, there is high chance that people will like you.
(This makes you happy).

You will have people approaching you for advice and help. You are deemed a "friend" where they can get reliable answer.

Honesty, thus, removes relational barrier. And indirectly it makes you a channel of communication.

This outcome do let you remain clean in your thoughts and behaviour towards others. People will   move with you. They trust your feedback.

Hence to have good companion, do the correct things and automatically, good things will come for you, including people who value you.

Practice that, and you will understand what I mean.

Cheers to honesty, and self-improvement for a better future.