Saturday, April 26, 2008

Say Hi! How are you?

Have you sat with a stranger in a public transport before?

What did you do then?

Did you talk to him, or keep to yourself?

In this ever-changing world, life has been tough on us. If we keep everything to our internal self, all things good and bad will accumulate within us. This is not a healthy direction to aim for.

Depending on our mode that day, we may be talking happily, without constraint, to the stranger sitting beside us. Or we may be keeping quiet throughout the journey (to a dull or unfulfilling vacuum).

Which is a better option?

I believe everyone will choose the former. Why? Because you feel better and happier.

Yes, talking sometimes bring out the special emotional transformation within us that brightens the day ahead. It "let" us go and rid us of the negative things building up upon us. Talking relaxes our mind at times. Why is it so?

This is so because by saying "Hi!" or "How are you?", we are breaking down the barrier between human, respecting the needs of human to communicate. We are making non-restricted mental friendship (though maybe for a short while).

Just a simple verbal gesture is actually enough to bring cheers to ourself and also to that stranger, provided he reciprocrates with the same manner.

Imagine the impact that goes along. You are freshened up, and he too is freshened up. Both meet others, and the brightness continues to spread. The people around you will sense the good "feeling" and this helps make the day a nice one.

One benefit this simple Hi! does is to give people a good impression that you can be a person to link up with. Even if he is a stranger, he may one day meet you and conversation starts again without any hiccups. Negative emotion will be dampened or overridened with just this fantastic little Hi!. Did you get the idea?

Hi! How are you?
Have a nice day.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Be Prepared, Look Ahead

In all things we do, we need to have a purpose. The purpose has also to meet our goals, our desires and has a positive impact on improving ourselves.

All things has a past, current and future stage.

Our past is history, and aids us in reviewing our action. It helps in expanding our experience and knowledge base. It allows us to look back and learn from mistakes we made. It also reflects the weakness or gap in our being that need to be patch up for the future. Our past will therefore set a reference for us to gauge our improvement and progress.

Current stage is the best time for action. We take reference from the past, and act upon it to achieve our goals. We can review our results and plan for strategies to better the outcomes. Treasure this current stage and appreciate all that happen as what is past cannot be recovered. It becomes history after that.

Future is the brightest that we can imagine. It has yet to happen, and therefore has the best possible results. It is where we aim for in the very first stage of any plan.

All the three stages are, thus, linked closely to each other. However, the last two stages has more impact towards our improvement and survival.

For survival, we need to see and think ahead. Be aware of current trend in all fields related to us, be it in education, career or family matters. Be prepared for the future!

Being prepared is the only way we can survive with the current pace of change affecting the world. See what is lacking in us or what is weakening or outdated. Strive to improve the standard of our skills and strengthen our mindset for continuous upgrading. Maintain our positive attitude towards things and seek always for new perspectives and deviations from current.

Look ahead is the key message. Take up any course or expose yourself to new skill to gain experience that will come in handy in line with the expected future development. With this preparation, we can at least be assured peace of mind when thing changes for the worst in our current stage. We are prepared!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ingredients for Success

What is SUCCESS?

Different people have different definition for success.

Is being rich considered successful?
Is being clever a success?
How about being famous?

There is no definite answer to this. I guess it much depends on the person to what he desires to achieve or target for.

However, regardless of the meaning of SUCCESS, a certain set of ingredients is needed for one to be considered successful.

What are these ingredients?

- Courage
- Discipline
- Hard work
- Integrity

Guts are required to venture into areas that are not familiar to most people. With courage comes opportunities. With opportunities, come experiences. Those who dare to face challenges are those who will reap positive outcome (tangible or intangible).

To see things through, self-discipine is must. This is not only to make progress, but to re-inforce to the mind that it is possible. Discipline keeps the person on track and focuses on the target. It is a head-strong drive to strive for results.

Hard work:
Venturing into new areas is not an easy task. Obstacles layed aplenty on its path. To stay on track, one has to work hard to rid the journey of obstacles and problems that will arise along the way. Learning is a must also. Time management is important too. Mentally and physically, one has to maintain balance by covering most aspect of the plan and execution. Consistent following up with issues is critical, as well as monitoring to gather feedbacks for corrective actions.

Integrity makes or breaks a person's reputation and future dealings. If one is deemed reliable and trusted, his journey to achievement of results is in a better position than one that is not so. A person's character is therefore of utmost important and is a big influence to his teammate and partners.

With all these ingredients, chances of success will be better. Though some people may require more ingredients, these four are the basic anyone will at least requires to see favourable results.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Vision of HOPE

HOPE. This is not the dirty 4 lettered word. It is a word full of meaning. HOPE.

HOPE is the word that will boost up our life. It gives us meaning. It pushes us forward towards our goals. It brightens our day!

If you are lost in your daily life doing the normal task or going through the same routine day in and day out, review it.

Are you aiming towards the first thing you set out for..... ?

We hope for a good life.
We hope to improve ourselves.
We hope for better grade in our studies.
We hope for a huge pay increase.
We hope our kids are well-behaved.

HOPE gives us direction that forces us to take action. It sets the goal and allows us to focus our attention.

If you are lost, create HOPE.
Any will do, as long as it is good to mankind.

A hopeful soul will produce a hopeful outcome.

A hopeless soul ...? You bet!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Total Commitment

Commitment is a strong word for anyone performing a task. It requires strength to stay on the planned journey to a desired goal.

Commitment needs self-motivation to push things through. This is specially so when obstacles are aplenty. Teamwork (if there is) matters. Group synergy, if handled properly, will drive the team through the difficult times. However, individually, one has to a team player too.

During easy times, commitment is never an issue.

What happens when times are tough?

Do you abandon the boat and run for your life when you encountered problems?
Do you surrender when you change your mind half-way through a project?

The challenge is to complete what is set forth in the beginning and finish up the task neatly whatever the path is. (This is provided the cause is still valid).

A person's strength and character is well reflected during times of difficulties, and not during times of luxury.

How one conducts himself can be seen by many. The remaining jobs may be carried on by others, but, ultimately the person who gave up is the one who will lost most. His credibility will be at stake.

This applies not only for assignment given to a group, it applies equally well for individual task.

Task, like, self-studying and training for a marathon, involves total commitment. It will get tough as the level of difficulty increases along the way of progress. Mental stamina counts.

Those who hang on despite the difficulties will slowly see miracles appearing from the incremental improvement achieved. With total commitment, depth and understanding of the target will be obtained and this will inspire anyone to move toward his goals more willingly.

For a start, any person may feel worried or afraid to commit. It is natural as a human being.
Do not fear of failures. Take them as learning points along the way. Train yourself and gain the valuable experience. Anyway, one has to start somewhere for improvement.

After all is said, commitment is still a virtue anybody should aim for no matter what happened along the way. Completion of a task agreed upon will bring you not only satisfaction and confidence, it brings you happiness too!

For those who is thinking that life is tough on them, understand that you are not alone. Many people are facing that too, but they are striving hard to improve through commitment.

Join them!