Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Total Commitment

Commitment is a strong word for anyone performing a task. It requires strength to stay on the planned journey to a desired goal.

Commitment needs self-motivation to push things through. This is specially so when obstacles are aplenty. Teamwork (if there is) matters. Group synergy, if handled properly, will drive the team through the difficult times. However, individually, one has to a team player too.

During easy times, commitment is never an issue.

What happens when times are tough?

Do you abandon the boat and run for your life when you encountered problems?
Do you surrender when you change your mind half-way through a project?

The challenge is to complete what is set forth in the beginning and finish up the task neatly whatever the path is. (This is provided the cause is still valid).

A person's strength and character is well reflected during times of difficulties, and not during times of luxury.

How one conducts himself can be seen by many. The remaining jobs may be carried on by others, but, ultimately the person who gave up is the one who will lost most. His credibility will be at stake.

This applies not only for assignment given to a group, it applies equally well for individual task.

Task, like, self-studying and training for a marathon, involves total commitment. It will get tough as the level of difficulty increases along the way of progress. Mental stamina counts.

Those who hang on despite the difficulties will slowly see miracles appearing from the incremental improvement achieved. With total commitment, depth and understanding of the target will be obtained and this will inspire anyone to move toward his goals more willingly.

For a start, any person may feel worried or afraid to commit. It is natural as a human being.
Do not fear of failures. Take them as learning points along the way. Train yourself and gain the valuable experience. Anyway, one has to start somewhere for improvement.

After all is said, commitment is still a virtue anybody should aim for no matter what happened along the way. Completion of a task agreed upon will bring you not only satisfaction and confidence, it brings you happiness too!

For those who is thinking that life is tough on them, understand that you are not alone. Many people are facing that too, but they are striving hard to improve through commitment.

Join them!

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Happy Person said...

Without commitment, there is nothing to say. Things might not be completed. A person with known commitment history has a better credibility than those who do not have it. We should always keep our word and agreeement to be a happier person.