Sunday, April 6, 2008

Vision of HOPE

HOPE. This is not the dirty 4 lettered word. It is a word full of meaning. HOPE.

HOPE is the word that will boost up our life. It gives us meaning. It pushes us forward towards our goals. It brightens our day!

If you are lost in your daily life doing the normal task or going through the same routine day in and day out, review it.

Are you aiming towards the first thing you set out for..... ?

We hope for a good life.
We hope to improve ourselves.
We hope for better grade in our studies.
We hope for a huge pay increase.
We hope our kids are well-behaved.

HOPE gives us direction that forces us to take action. It sets the goal and allows us to focus our attention.

If you are lost, create HOPE.
Any will do, as long as it is good to mankind.

A hopeful soul will produce a hopeful outcome.

A hopeless soul ...? You bet!

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