Saturday, April 12, 2008

Be Prepared, Look Ahead

In all things we do, we need to have a purpose. The purpose has also to meet our goals, our desires and has a positive impact on improving ourselves.

All things has a past, current and future stage.

Our past is history, and aids us in reviewing our action. It helps in expanding our experience and knowledge base. It allows us to look back and learn from mistakes we made. It also reflects the weakness or gap in our being that need to be patch up for the future. Our past will therefore set a reference for us to gauge our improvement and progress.

Current stage is the best time for action. We take reference from the past, and act upon it to achieve our goals. We can review our results and plan for strategies to better the outcomes. Treasure this current stage and appreciate all that happen as what is past cannot be recovered. It becomes history after that.

Future is the brightest that we can imagine. It has yet to happen, and therefore has the best possible results. It is where we aim for in the very first stage of any plan.

All the three stages are, thus, linked closely to each other. However, the last two stages has more impact towards our improvement and survival.

For survival, we need to see and think ahead. Be aware of current trend in all fields related to us, be it in education, career or family matters. Be prepared for the future!

Being prepared is the only way we can survive with the current pace of change affecting the world. See what is lacking in us or what is weakening or outdated. Strive to improve the standard of our skills and strengthen our mindset for continuous upgrading. Maintain our positive attitude towards things and seek always for new perspectives and deviations from current.

Look ahead is the key message. Take up any course or expose yourself to new skill to gain experience that will come in handy in line with the expected future development. With this preparation, we can at least be assured peace of mind when thing changes for the worst in our current stage. We are prepared!


EeHai said...

With the many uncertainties around, being prepared is a good strategy to survive. In fact it may be the only hope for a long-term benefit.

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Noushy Syah said...

Thanks for dropping by @ my blog.True indeed..We must have goals in life.With a clear and meaningful purpose will come the motivation and the energy to follow that purpose.

When you are sure of the what and the why, you will find everything necessary to handle the how.

Have a gr8 weekend.Take care.

Akira said...

I find your blog interesting. Will drop in regularly. Keep writing!