Saturday, April 26, 2008

Say Hi! How are you?

Have you sat with a stranger in a public transport before?

What did you do then?

Did you talk to him, or keep to yourself?

In this ever-changing world, life has been tough on us. If we keep everything to our internal self, all things good and bad will accumulate within us. This is not a healthy direction to aim for.

Depending on our mode that day, we may be talking happily, without constraint, to the stranger sitting beside us. Or we may be keeping quiet throughout the journey (to a dull or unfulfilling vacuum).

Which is a better option?

I believe everyone will choose the former. Why? Because you feel better and happier.

Yes, talking sometimes bring out the special emotional transformation within us that brightens the day ahead. It "let" us go and rid us of the negative things building up upon us. Talking relaxes our mind at times. Why is it so?

This is so because by saying "Hi!" or "How are you?", we are breaking down the barrier between human, respecting the needs of human to communicate. We are making non-restricted mental friendship (though maybe for a short while).

Just a simple verbal gesture is actually enough to bring cheers to ourself and also to that stranger, provided he reciprocrates with the same manner.

Imagine the impact that goes along. You are freshened up, and he too is freshened up. Both meet others, and the brightness continues to spread. The people around you will sense the good "feeling" and this helps make the day a nice one.

One benefit this simple Hi! does is to give people a good impression that you can be a person to link up with. Even if he is a stranger, he may one day meet you and conversation starts again without any hiccups. Negative emotion will be dampened or overridened with just this fantastic little Hi!. Did you get the idea?

Hi! How are you?
Have a nice day.


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