Monday, April 7, 2008

Ingredients for Success

What is SUCCESS?

Different people have different definition for success.

Is being rich considered successful?
Is being clever a success?
How about being famous?

There is no definite answer to this. I guess it much depends on the person to what he desires to achieve or target for.

However, regardless of the meaning of SUCCESS, a certain set of ingredients is needed for one to be considered successful.

What are these ingredients?

- Courage
- Discipline
- Hard work
- Integrity

Guts are required to venture into areas that are not familiar to most people. With courage comes opportunities. With opportunities, come experiences. Those who dare to face challenges are those who will reap positive outcome (tangible or intangible).

To see things through, self-discipine is must. This is not only to make progress, but to re-inforce to the mind that it is possible. Discipline keeps the person on track and focuses on the target. It is a head-strong drive to strive for results.

Hard work:
Venturing into new areas is not an easy task. Obstacles layed aplenty on its path. To stay on track, one has to work hard to rid the journey of obstacles and problems that will arise along the way. Learning is a must also. Time management is important too. Mentally and physically, one has to maintain balance by covering most aspect of the plan and execution. Consistent following up with issues is critical, as well as monitoring to gather feedbacks for corrective actions.

Integrity makes or breaks a person's reputation and future dealings. If one is deemed reliable and trusted, his journey to achievement of results is in a better position than one that is not so. A person's character is therefore of utmost important and is a big influence to his teammate and partners.

With all these ingredients, chances of success will be better. Though some people may require more ingredients, these four are the basic anyone will at least requires to see favourable results.



Dr. KC said...

I love this post on ingredients for success! It gives wonderful information!

I agree that success is completely subjective and everyone has their own definition. Success is what YOU personally aspire to and what makes you feel fulfilled and accomplished.

Brava on great writing!
Dr. KC

Happy Person said...

Thanks Dr. KC for the beautiful comment. I do hope that my posts help whoever read them while writing them makes me a happier and a more mature person as a result.