Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Be True to Your Belief

On a daily basis we are bombarded with many comments and views from others.

Some are encouraging while some are destructive.

Did you get demoralised?

Stay strong, if you have the urge to submit to the latter.

It is because if you go the way of accepting that you are "bad", you will lost your esteem as well as confidence.

Stay true to your own belief if you think that what you do is for the good of self and others.

Think and review your intention and desire for certain things that you have been doing that have gotten the red eye of others.

We cannot avoid the "speech" of people around us but we can choose to ignore or filter the "speech".

Believe in yourself.
It will make you trust yourself better and happier as a result.

Overtime, with much practice, you will find that you will have the strength to overturn the bad impact and smile over it.

So stay tune to your belief and stay sincere to your goodness self.

Cheers and forever happy.  :-)