Sunday, May 9, 2010

Being Brave In Times of Hardship

Looking at imminent problems may be taxing when you know that they cannot be avoided or resolved.

Two things can be done then.
1) Completely ignore the fact and move on as though they did not exist
2) Face the fact and move on in reality

Choice one may be good in the short term, but may results in accumulated negative impact later.
Choice two is down to earth, feeling the pain upfront but growing stronger later.

Being brave takes energy.
Choice two needs a stronger amount of energy.

Being realistic reflects maturity. Shallowing pride demonstrates strength in understanding.

Failure to meet goals meant more hardwork to be factor in.
As such, failure meant delayed success.

Being brave will see results later.
Staying on track and remaining focus will be good objectives to keep one going.

Things will be brighter along the way.
There will go ups and downs, a cycling effect at play.

Just look forward and move on in times of hardship.
Select happiness and not drown yourself in sorrow.

You have a choice in life.
Being happy or sad.

Know that everyone goes through this one time or another.
Know that you are not alone.

Be brave.