Monday, March 31, 2008

Why Learn So Much?

Every now and then, we see things change. To keep up with the knowledge, we have to chase after them. Even when we are trying to stay low and avoiding them, new information keep coming towards us through various channels.

That is the time when we question ourselves "Why learn so much?"

Yes, we do capture and absorb knowledge as it come. But what is the rationale behind it?

Learning new skill and upgrading our current abilities is a must nowadays to survive in the working society. Even when we are not working, we have other skills and knowledge to keep up with. New digital products, new roads, new systems, new policies, new kids, etc, are things we cannot avoid.

The rationale after learning and updating is not to keep the latest, but to apply the learned know-how. It generates more opportunities after knowing more things.

Learning is an input process that allow us to link or relate future to present. We learn to prepare ourself for the future and the coming challenge that new information brings.

So does the new information motivates us?

No,information gathering and containing actually do not motivate us. It may initially, but the uncertainty of having it kills our interest after a few round.

What really motivate us after learning new things is the ability to see chances for improvement or better opportunities that lie ahead. The "brightness" at the end of the learning tunnel is the catch that quitely motivate us, without us knowing it sometimes.

What is amazing after we jumped into applying the new skill is the discovery that we are a more confident and relevant person (to the society). This is another element that pushes us to move forward to upgrade ourself.

For those who still ponder why they need to learn so much, they may have lost most of the exciting moments that others have experience.

Thus, the message is to learn as long as we can and apply the newly gained knowledge to better ourself.


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