Monday, March 17, 2008

Level Of Self-Expectation

We get many expectations daily. They may come from within ourselves, or come from others. The expectation may range from high to low requirement. Some may match our abilities, while some, sadly, do not. What can we do to reduce the gap in the expectation?

Here, note that, expectations from external factors cannot be controlled at times. Hence, what we can do in this circumstances, is to negotiate the terms and relevant scope that is expected of us. However, do face the challenge if the expectation is potentially within our means.

The other type of expectations are those that come from self. This is definitely under our own control. We know best our limits and threshold of pain. So for this type of self-expectation, what is the level we should set for ourselves?

Sometimes, we hear people complaining, with all sort of reasons, why they cannot succeed in a particular area. They blame this and they blame that, but not themselves. Self-expectation comes in here.

The level that we set for ourselves, if too low, will result in a low reward. The path to success will, therefore, be slow (unless lucky!). The less we expect, the less we are willing to do to achieve the expectation. If we set the standard to be too high, and outside the reach of ourselves, we are asking for failure and demoralisation.

Thus, to set an appropriate level is not a simple task. It may have to be iterated at times to adjust for a suitable standard. Do not be afraid of changes. (Only you yourself knows it). Be honest and do accordingly.

Set a level that is slightly above your norm and check the results or outcomes. If they are still within your potential and you feel comfortable, go ahead with it. You may even raise the level higher for the excitement to self-motivate. Why not?

If you face failure, do not give excuses and back off. Re-adjust your level again, and keep focus. Stamina and attitude matter in whatever you do. Just remember, the lesser you expect from yourself, the lesser you will do to achieve it. This may spiral downwards and reach an undesirable stage.

Hence, buck up and go for the ride of your life journey. Set a suitable challenging self-expectation, and dash off ........ All the Way!

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