Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things Are Never Straight

When we opened up our eyes each morning preparing for a new day, we are bombarded with events. Deadlines to complete tasks assigned, new projects, children to take care off, meetings, dental appointments, and the list can go on and on....

Sometimes, we find that we are put into a situation that is helplessly choatic. This is so even after time scheduling. Last minute activities are now a constant. Things poped up now and then to disrupt a good time table. Buffering for accidents and interruptions do not seem to be enough.

How do we mentally deal with this?

Should we give up the high expectation and take things easy?

To be strong and honest with ourselves, we should not damage our hope for improvement by giving up due to the intense time pressure. Rather assess the situation, re-defining the scope and try our best to catch up with the pace. Trying our best will be a consolation when things do not match the outcome. At least we are in a better mental position to understand that we had tried our very best.

People may criticise us for the results obtained, but if we had done our utmost best, we know in our very own heart that we are great to have achieved this level of outcome amidst all the surrounding difficulties.

Giving up is a no-no in any case. The strength to stay on, after committment, is a good virtue for anyone desiring to be a better person. By not taking action or avoiding taking action when things are not straight reflects weakness in the person's character. Waiting for things to go straight (before taking action) is a myth.

Things will never go straight!

Mentally prepare for this message in life. Take action no matter what happen. Stagnation is a killer to progress. Move on and learn along the way. With progress, comes improvement. By doing things and understanding them, we enlarge our knowledge for future applications. Learn to address complex situations as they come forth. Face them head-front with a positive attitude. Even in failure, we do pick up some pointers. This is the learning spirit for anyone wishing for self-improvement.

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