Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Momentum Is The Key

Stagnation means staying put in your comfort zone, playing it safe and doing what you have been doing in the past. No new experiences, no thrill and no progress.

For progress to materialise, you have to move to new areas. After gaining whatever is intented in that new area, search for another new experience for continual improvement. This set the momentum for self-improvement.

You may have done your initial part of the planning:
- Identified your strength and weakness
- Defined your short and long term goals
- Prioritised the goals
- Identified the action to take to reach your goals
- Identified the skills needed to reach your goals
- Deceided on the time frame for each goals

What's next?

Take action! Sitting on a plan with be forever, sitting and dreaming of the plan and the goals.

Having taken all the crucial steps in sequencing the steps to arrive at the goals, move forward. Start with the first step, and then the next step. Keep up the momentum. Keep moving.

Human has a tentancy to slack off into their comfort zone at times. Therefore, keeping check on the schedule is necessary. Self-discipline matters here. The constant push to stay on track. Momentum will ease the inertia when thing moves.

When too long a break is taken, the start-up time and effort increases. This will put more resistance into you, mentally and physically.

Therefore, no matter how small is the step, do it to stay in progress. Shorten the break period to your most comfortable level, but keep moving. Momentum is the key! Self-improvement will automatically come next. :)


Malathy said...

The word 'Stagnation' is nicely explained. I would add 'closed mind' also as one of the reasons to stay put in the comfort zone.

Happy Person said...

Yes, you are to say that.Stagnation is staying put with a closed mind, not venturing out for new ideas.