Friday, March 28, 2008

Art Of Smiling

"You're are never dressed until you wear a smile"
- Charley Willey

Starting the day with a smile is a positive step towards a fruitful day.

Smile spreads to others easily.

It is a welcomed sign to many people, and one that nobody will reject (provided it is done in the proper manner).

However, smiling is not simply a physical action. It involves the psychological part too!

A smile reveals many issues.

A sincere smile can be seen and felt by most people.

But a fast-pulling smile done for the sake of protocol may not receive any good feedback.

Do you agree?

How then do we REALLY smile?

Attitude comes first. If we are to smile, do it sincerely.

If the person is a friendly one and no previous bad encounter with, the smile will be easily produced.

However, when it is otherwise, then more effort and mentally preparation has to be done first.

What are they?

To give a sincere smile to whoever deserves it, change your mindeset.

If he is one person who you had detested but has been forgiven, think of his kind deeds done previously. Know that he is still human, and human does err. Changing the mindset will reduce the bad feeling towards him, and ultimately smoothens the emotional friction. The smile produced then will be a better one.

Cleaning up or purifying the thoughts and feelings towards a person, can change one's perspection and therefore, generate a nice feeling in a person. This emotional and pyschological impact gives a smile that will reveal a sincere and kind giver.

Another way is to think of self.

Do you want to, forever, have a disturbed and unbalanced internal reaction upon seeing someone?

Use the smile to rectify the situation.

Use the practice of "One stone kills two birds".
- One, smiling cools you down.
- Two, smiling breaks down any unfavourable situation.

Bring out the smile from the heart. Appreciate and be aware of the goodness of a well delivered smile. Know its advantages. Through the times, a habit will be formed, whereby you can easily produce a gentle smile that everyone will like.

Everyone can smile, but smiling from the heart takes effort and awareness.
Do it sincerely and warmly. Cheers! : )


rob said...

I agree with you. Smiles are powerful for both the giver and receiver :)

Happy Person said...

Hi rob,
Smile sure do makes the world a better place to live in. Happy smiling...