Friday, March 7, 2008

The Skill Of Self-Praising

Now and then, we do like to hear nice comments about us. This is a fact as we are human. We need the extra motivation to move us on.

Comments that make us fly, remarks that allow us to dream and statements that cause us to sing, are what we like to have (even if they are not sincere!).

So what if none comes in?

We cannot always depend on others to praise us. They do not owe us any!
We will have to earn the praise, and have to work for it.

But during the times when we really need the much-desired praise and no one is in sight, the only person to praise us is OURSELVES.

Therefore the skill of self-praising comes in. We cannot anyhow praise ourselves. By doing so, we are asking for trouble. Any little thing, however, simple, if we start praising ourselves, we will get numb after sometime. We will be immue to sincere praises later on.

To receive praise from ourselves, we must know one thing.
It is to set a goal or target, and only where upon achieving it, can we qualify to praise ourselves. The goal set must be slightly above our capability though.

Another issue is the complexity of the goal.

If the goal is too complex and cannot be fulfilled at one go, we can break them into smaller goals. Praise for reaching the individual smaller goals can motivate us to carry on with the next task to reach the final goal.

Be clear of the objective of self-praise. Upon mastering this skill, we are in line for self-improvement. This self-praise is a catalyst to improving ourselves faster. With this skill well-learned, we need not have to depend on others to give us the added motivation to move on. We can self-independently strike on and complete any mission set forth.


Sean Rasmussen said...

Self praise is indeed very important. In order to help others we must be at our own best state of confidence or at least do our best to be there. Self praise is a part of telling ourselves "we are all capable of doing whatever we set our minds to". It build our confidence and reminds us of "being our own best friend".
Great article. Keep up the good work.

Happy Person said...

Thanks alot for your encouragement, Sean.

I like the phrase "being our own best friend". Indeed, this is the phrase that tells all.