Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Appreciating Ourself

Human mind is a wonder. It creates nice thoughts as well as horrible ones. It controls our feelings to love or hate others. And it can even dictate our own thoughts! We are always mentally conflicting ourselves almost every now and then.

Are we at peace with ourselves?

External factors do affect us greatly. Our senses are sometimes confused. Mentally we lost track of what we should be doing. Our mind has too many things to consider to think rationally. We do not find peace psychologically.

Sometimes, we encounter people who are nice to us but are cruel to themselves. They worked for others neglecting their family and self-interest. We do appreciate these people, but sympathise them for their unlimited help to others at the expense of self. If we are like them, do you think we are balanced?

In order to address the above issues, what we should be looking seriously at, is our appreciation of self. What this means is to clean up ourself mentally before all else can be meaningfully carried out.

Appreciating ourself has to be done with a kind intention and not with a selfish objective. It should be done with the aim of helping self in order to help others.

Self-disciplining of the mind has to be look into. Be aware, continuously, of how you think and what you think. (It takes time to strengthen this part though). Always strive for positive encouraging thoughts as these will enlighten your life and well-being. Throw out self-destroying thoughts. Understand yourself. Be honest with yourself. Know your weakness and strength. Stay cool and understand that whatever you have done is the best possible within all means.

Basically, hug yourself.

This is a cruical step for anyone to make peace with himself and to seriously appreciate himself.

What benefit does this step have?

We live in a society full of people. We encounter them everywhere. We work in a team most of the time. If we are not able to appreciate ourself and clean up our thinking, how else are we to appreciate and work decently with others? How else are we to wish the best of others?

Good things, therefore, has to start from self before they can spread to others in the appropriate manner, and not the imbalance sense. By doing and constantly practicing self-discipline to have clear thougths, we will indirectly help ourself by reducing the chance of self-conflict, and also, fill up our surrounding with positive thinking community of people.

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