Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Solving Problems With a New Mindset

Have you ever tried solving a sticking problem but went round and round without clearing the issue?

It makes you angry, right?
I bet!

But do not despair. It may be due to the approach that you applied.

When you encounter a problem, it is normally because your concept or technique is wrong or inappropriate.

When you use back the same mindset to solve the problem, you are actually using back the wrong tools that created the problem.

Maintaining the same level of mindset is also another mistake you made.

Holding back to the same level to solve the issue cannot allow you to see the issue at an elevated platform.
Sometimes, you need to stand higher up to link up a bigger picture before you can actually notice the error or loophole within.

Changing your mindset and its level to resolve issue is key to improving yourself.

Linking steps before and around the current situation is a skill that is needed to have a smooth and systematic approach to problem-solving.

Be aware that there are always many other ways to look at a problem.
Be flexible and look at things from many angles.

You will, then, find that solving problems an enjoyable challenge.

Cheers and many problem-solving!    :)



Nothing Profound said...

Since you provide so little information about yourself I'm somewhat intrigued by tour background. Were you a seer in another life? You provide such sage advice.

Happy Person said...

Thanks Nothing Profound for the comment.
I am just a simple person who thinks further day by day. It is the accumulation of daily thoughts from daily events. Posting them in the blog strengthen the meaning of these thoughts of mine. I wish to share them with the rest and gather also feedbacks.

Happy reading!

Life Coach said...

great advice!

anger is not a choice.. it is a normal reaction of our mind to situations we are not in agreement with.

calmness and peace towards such situations are a choice.

accept anger for what it is and choose to be what you really are...

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