Wednesday, September 16, 2009

State of Confusion

This is a word everyone dislike and will try to avoid at all cost.

It creates an internal fear, a mental one.
It brings out an insecurity to anyone experiencing it.

"Something is wrong!"  The mind sends this message to its owner.

But is it that fearful?

I request you to think again.

If you know something is amiss, isn't it good?
Is it better than not even knowing something is getting misaligned?

A confused state is indirectly a good one.
It tells you that you have something to learn.

It prompts you to the fact that something in your mind does not match with another concept or fact that you already thought you understood.

The confusion is a signal for you to take action. It provides the chance for you to explore previous knowledge.

Hence when you are in a state of confusion, be happy! It is a good sign.
It sounds ironical. But this is not a joke!
I am sure anyone reading this understand my message.

Do not fear confusion if it happens.
Think back and try to piece up the puzzle.
If at any time you feel stressed, allow yourself time-off and come back again.

You have already won half the battle knowing that you are confused!

The answer or solution will come at an appropriate time if you did not give up.
Any way, if you have reached this state of confusion, you will not be someone who will give up the challenge easily.
Or am I wrong?
Comment please....

:D     Have a nice day being confuse.



Nothing Profound said...

What you're saying here reminds me of Blake's proverb: "If the fool persisted in his folly he would become wise." Don't fight the confusion, let it be and it'll eventually resolve out.

Seb said...

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