Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finding Excuses

Have you wonder why some people progress in life better than others?

Do you find them "action" people?

I personally find that they do produce results after some effort on their part. The result though may not be exceptionally good. But they do have outcomes!

Why then do some others stay put and make little progress if any?

I noticed that these latter group of people tend to find excuses to cover their lack of interest to upgrade.

They tend to give all sort of reasons to hide behind their weakness and pretend to be "great".

Some even go to the extend of openly declaring that they don't understand, therefore will not do anything.

What results is status quo! No progress is made.

What should be done is to remove the obstacles blocking the understanding. Pick up more fundamental subjects related to the topics. Read anything leading to the issue or ask for help. Take action!

Simply changing the mindset to clear any hindrance will be half a battle won.
The firm mindset to learn and self-improve will last a long time till old age.
This is a skill precious enough to set example for your predecessor. They will respect you!

Do not find any more excuses when you meet with obstacles. Take initiatives and move forward with a positive attitude. In summary be honest.

Hope this post will push anyone who stay put to jump start self-improvement.


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