Thursday, August 6, 2009

Resting Is Beneficial To Us

Given the demanding pace of this new era, everyone may at times feel tired and stressful.

This is normal if you are human.

"Look ahead to see if you can last long", this is a common question that pops up often either through yourself or through your colleagues.

Health and the mental mind goes hand in hand.

The body supports the mind, as well as the mind supports the body.
As long as one party fails, the other suffers.

To keep both in check, we NEED to rest.
Taking a break occasionally is good and a must.

When you feel restless, it is time to cool down and rest the body and mind.

Recover for the future.

Work will never end.
Homework will be forever.
Assignment will always be waiting for you.

Your health WILL end.
Our mission is to make it last longer.

Learn to stay physically and mentally fit.
Take a break regularly.
Tell yourself that you deserve it.
It is not cheating on others.
It is life and death.

It is good for your future, to last long to continue to contribute.
It is to rest so that you will enjoy the coming life.

Take care and stay happy.

:) :D :)

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EeHai said...

Yes, I fully agree to take a break. Why not?
You deserve every bit of the break. But provided you have done your part in whatever thing or task assigned or planned for. Otherwise this thing about the break, will be going to break any good things you have

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