Saturday, August 15, 2009

Being Better With Instability

Everyone likes to stay comfortable and safe. No change is best.

This mindset is fine last century, but not this one!

Having a stable life without constant change is good, temporary.
A long term stagnation, however, is not healthy.

It forces you to relax and becomes lathargic.

You have to understand that the world is changing everyday.
Everyone works hard to earn a living.
Everyone studies hard (or smart) to have a better life.
Everyone improves hoping to be better.

If you stay put and look at others go by, you will be left behind, relatively, even if you are not losing your ability.

People are always catching up. They are moving ahead each and every other day, hour and minute.

Be instable. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Be insecure!

Being instable makes you want to stabilise.
You start to compare and set reference.
You start to see things in details.
You want to catch up so that you will be on par.
You want to be the same as other, for the sake of comfort.
You move with them, the constntly improving ones.

Hence, being instable is actually being stable. Ironical, right?

Taking a break and resting (for a short while) is good. But too long a period becomes deterimental to your future.

Improve through being instable. It helps.


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