Saturday, May 9, 2009

Treasure Every Moment You Live

Any thing can come and go. We can choose to ignore them or appreciate them.

Kids when grown up can never go back to being babies again. The moment had passed.

When a strong breeze flows by, with the leaves gliding down, the unique moment can never be returned exactly as it was. The moment had passed.

When we deal with a person, the statement we said out can never be reversed without any implication.

Once any event ended, the event, literally, ended. It can never be made the same again.

Thus, treasure any moment we have.

I came across a post that touches my heart, and which triggers me to write this post.
Click here for this gorgeous post.

In life, we come across many occasions that are unique in itself. Think a bit and look at the things beside us. See and feel the people around us. Touch the items that we long by-pass for good. The feel itself can be marvellous.

Treasure every bite of food that we put into our mouth, for the taste may never come back exactly as it is.

Appreciation of things done for us and for others is a way to groom us to be a gentle and wholesome being.

Self-improve towards this direction and you will find a calmness within yourself.

Enjoy your moment.


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