Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patience Helps

Patience as the word implies means going slow.

In this days of neck-breaking pace of work and learning, we are squeezed out of our juices to deliver whatever we are expected to.

Is it healthy ultimately?

The answer may not be the same for everyone.

Thus, in order to stay sane, and healthy, physically and mentally, we need to constantly review our daily schedule and workload.

We know that this is common knowledge, and everyone is trying to do that or at least aiming for it. But how?

The solution may not be easy. It calls for some mindset and behavioural change.

We, as human, think. But if pressurized to perform, the thinking process may not be optimised.

The best solution is to slow down or in any word, practice patience.

Patience allows us to cool down and review the borders of any given tasks and challenges.
Patience let us see things in many angles.
Patience makes us a cautious person.

Having patience means that we can be efficient. By practicing it, we are able to avoid troubles and mistakes since we are able to see things in perspective as opposed to "rushing" out the assignments.

"Patience is a good virtue" as the website reflects.
It is very true.

Patience can guide us into being a better person, a natural way towards self-improvement.

In time of conflict of ideas, patience in speaking out and defending them, makes the difference between a practical, down to earth solution or agreement against a short term, "saving the face" outcome.

A person with patience demonstrates an elevated level of maturity and confidence.
It takes time, though, to achieve that.

In summary, amidst the fast pace living style nowadays, do remember to strive for patience to balance your inner self.

I hope you agree.

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