Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning from Being Simple


I believe that many of you encounter difficulties one time or another.

It may be work. It may be studies or it may be human relationship.

The process leading to the complication can be annoying.
The information at times, may be overwhelming and exploding to the limits.
The decision-making task can be taxing and frightening.

You may be crying out for something simpler.

Is it possible?

Why not?


One method is to rid yourself of everything, and see if you can survive without the things you deem necessary.

Learning from simplicity can rewarding.

Make do with whatever you have.

Go to an empty room and start to make a cup of water. You will see that all else, the trouble you are facing in your work, your life, your studies, etc, dissipates with the minor task of just having a cup of water from an empty room.

You will notice that you have put in too many demands on yourself to the extend that you are indirectly taxing yourself, and shortening your life.

Make life simple if you can.
There are times when the unnecessary becomes the necessary.
Is it so?

Review your needs as your go about your work, your studies, or whatever you do.

Reflection along the way is a good way to capture the important versus the desired but unnecessary.

Stay simple not in the physical (material) sense but also in the mental sense.

Acquiring knowledge is good if done in a peaceful manner.
If it is done to the extend of overload, then beware.

"Learn from simplicity".

It is just that. And simply that!



Nothing Profound said...

I agree with all of this- absolutely. Simplicity is the key. Find out what's really necessary, and do that. Study yourself. What truly makes you happy. You have said so much here, so clearly and so simoly.

Happy Person said...

Yes, simplicity can make one happy too. With the mind clear of the unnecessary, one can focus on the importants and make good whatever available.

sarah said...

sometimes meditation also helps... thanks for sharing

Moon Loh said...

Yah, I agree with this too.. Don't think too much and simplicity sometimes can make people happier.. :)

Mishu said...

I truely agree with your writing.

Simplicity is the only way to have happiness in life


Marcus Nagelberg said...

I wish I had an empty room. Being poor sucks.