Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mindset of Trying

I was talking to a young girl one day about fish feeding.

She asked "Can we feed the fish using wooden sawdust?"

I was shocked at the question, and replied "No!, the fishes may die?"

She responded "Have you tried?"

This forced me to ponder for a moment.

What this young girl asked was a very important message in life.

Sometimes in life, if we do not try, we will not get the answer.

What surprised me further is the young girl's following statement...

She, with a clear voice, stated
"Sometimes a CAN becomes a CANNOT because we never try."

It rings a bell in my mind. A clear statement, and an intelligent one!

Yes, a mindset of trying is a valuable asset we need to embrace.
Without trying, everything remains the same. There will not be any improvement. Life goes on without excitement and new inventions.

But with trying, we can at least be assured that new things, concepts or ideas are generated. Even if they are not applied now, there will be in the future.

Think about it.

(I wonder if there is anymore such young girls around.)


robin said...

Nice Story with a good moral!

Syaf said...

~hey there~

cool blog u have here. will come back for ur next entries. keep it up! really boosted my mind and motivation!


Tracy said...

I totally agree. I wonder how much of our potential in life is lost because we are not determined to try something new.

Thank you for this thought provoking post. I'm really looking forward to your next one!