Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your Effort Is Yours To Keep

Have you put in much effort and wonder who will really appreciate it?

How do you feel when nobody knows of the hard work put in by you?

Do you work hard for others or yourself?

To make it clear, and also to please yourself, any little effort put in by you yourself is treasure.

This little effort came from the heart and soul within you. Nobody will know that!
Even when they are aware, they will forget after a period of time.

The only person who will remember the precious effort for a long time is you yourself.
But this is provide it is genuinely yours.

To come out some work, you need in-depth thinking and planning. They may not be complex thoughts, but simple little ideas. But they take effort and clearing mental inertia.

Only you yourself will truly understand the "hardship" pumped in.

Therefore you are the only one who will really appreciate your own effort.
Thus, any effort is yours to keep, and treasure.

:-) Stay happy.


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